Canada invests more than 200 million Canadian dollars to promote domestic new crown vaccine development

  Original title: Canada invested more than 200 million Canadian dollars to promote the development of domestically produced new crown vaccine

   The Canadian federal government announced on October 23 that it would invest approximately 214 million Canadian dollars to advance Development of a Canadian domestically produced new coronavirus vaccine.

   Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau told the media in Ottawa that the federal government will invest 173 million Canadian dollars in Medicago, Quebec through the “Strategic Innovation Fund,” to help the company’s vaccine enter clinical trials. The company is advancing the development of a virus-like particle vaccine.

  The Canadian government has signed a contract with the company to pre-order 76 million doses of vaccine, which will be enough to vaccinate 38 million people and cover the entire Canadian population. This is the first locally developed vaccine candidate secured by the Canadian government.

   At the same time, the Canadian government will also invest 18.2 million Canadian dollars in Vancouver-based biotechnology company Precision Nanosystems to fund vaccine research and development and clinical testing.

   In addition, the Canadian government will also provide up to 23.2 million Canadian dollars through the Industrial Research Assistance Program of the National Research Council of Canada to fund six new crown vaccine candidates into different stages of clinical trials.

   Trudeau also revealed that Canada has received hundreds of thousands of Abbott Panbio antigen rapid test reagents and is now distributing them across the country. Another Abbott rapid test reagent called ID NOW is also being shipped to Canada in batches.

   The Canadian government has signed agreements with AstraZeneca, Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Novavax, Pfizer, Modena and local pharmaceutical company Medicago, accumulatively pre-ordering new crown candidates There are 358 million doses of vaccine.

   As of the evening of October 23, Canada has reported a total of 211.7 thousand cases of new crown infection, 9888 deaths, nearly 177,900 recovered cases, and 23,965 active cases.

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