Canon EOS R Mark II will be equipped with body image stabilization

   Canon launched its first full-frame mirrorless EOSR camera in 2018, equipped with a 30.3 million pixel full-frame CMOS sensor, and the body is rich and powerful. Recently, a series of new parameters of Canon mirrorless cameras have been recently exposed. The most attractive aspect is the addition of body anti-shake, which will be used as an upgrade of the current EOSR. Currently it may be named EOSRMarkII. The following is the exposure Parameters:

Canon EOS R Mark II will be equipped with body image stabilization

  32 million pixel sensor

   Body anti-shake

  DIGICX image processor

  12 frames/sec continuous shooting


  1 SD card slot, 1 CFexpress card slot

  DPAF uncut 4K video

  5 million pixel EVF

   According to previous foreign media reports, EOSRMarkII is now For testing, the relevant parameters and specifications were exposed this time. It is reported that Canon EOSRMarkII will adopt an ergonomic design similar to EOSRs, and will cancel the touch bar design.

  Editor’s point of view

   I believe that adding the anti-shake function of the body will be the most attractive aspect of EOSRMarkII. At present, not all Canon RF series lenses are equipped with anti-shake. This is good news for lens users such as 70mmF2L and RF85mm1.2L. Judging from the current speed of digital camera product replacement, perhaps this product will not be too far away from us.

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