Canon EOS R5 also brings us the possibility of upgrading to 4K resolution

   8K RAW video without cropping, five-axis body stabilization, and continuous shooting speed of 20fps/12fps. A few years ago, we should not have thought that these parameters will appear on the same micro-single one day. With the exposure of Canon EOS R5’s parameters, the current strongest mirrorless camera with bright parameters is slowly being unveiled.

Canon EOS R5 also brings us the possibility of upgrading to 4K resolution

Regarding this Canon EOS R5, Canon officials have revealed a lot of information about it. It supports up to 29.97fps 8K video recording, and can record up to 119.88fps without cropping 4K video. The in-camera recording supports non-cropped 8K RAW movies. The continuous shooting speed is 20fps under the electronic shutter and 12fps under the mechanical shutter.

Canon EOS R5 also brings us the possibility of upgrading to 4K resolution

Moreover, Canon’s EOS R5 is currently the first Canon camera officially announced to support body anti-shake technology. Its body anti-shake adopts 5-axis anti-shake technology, and it can also cooperate with the IS anti-shake of the lens. The focusing system is also eye-catching, adding the ability to detect and recognize animals, which can identify the body, face and eyes of animals.

   But looking at these data, we may still not be able to feel exactly how powerful this camera is. At the same time, we are also full of curiosity about it. Today, let’s take a look at the highlights and suspense that Canon EOS R5 has brought us so far.

  Highlights-018K is here-movie-level video specifications

   With the development of short video, this form of video has begun to occupy an increasingly important position in the content industry. Camera manufacturers We have also echoed this trend, paying more and more attention to the camera’s video recording function, turning the camera into a high-quality video output device.

Canon EOS R5 also brings us the possibility of upgrading to 4K resolution

The most impressive feature of Canon EOS R5 is that it brings 8K video recording to civilian cameras. Up to now, among the major camera manufacturers, the highest video recording specification for civilian cameras is still 6K resolution, which is 6K/24p and 5.9K/30p of Panasonic S1H. Canon EOS R5 is ahead of the market this time and supports 8K video recording. Some people may say, “I don’t need 8K”, but it is not a simple matter to achieve 8K recording on civilian cameras. Worth the surprise.

   Moreover, Canon EOS R5 does more than “have 8K”, but also has quality 8K. In February of this year, Canon officially released the news that EOS R5 supports 8K/30p video shooting for the first time. In March, Canon officially announced that it was shooting 8K/30p short films with full viewing angle and no cropping.

Canon EOS R5 also brings us the possibility of upgrading to 4K resolution

In addition to no cropping, Canon EOS R5’s 8K/30p brings us a lot of room for post-processing. The most important thing is that it supports RAW format recording under 8K video. The RAW format records detailed shooting information, which provides a basis for video post-adjustment. For users with grading needs, Canon EOS R5 also supports 4:2:2 10-bit recording, which can record richer color information. Like Canon EOS-1D X Mark III, Canon Log gamma curve can also be used in Canon EOS R5, which further facilitates post-grading.

   Moreover, all of the above can be achieved through in-camera recording. Currently on the market, some cameras need to be connected to an external recorder, such as the Astro Boy Ninja V, to achieve higher-level video recording. The Canon EOS R5’s high-standard video recording does not require external recording, which saves users a lot of processes.

Canon EOS R5 also brings us the possibility of upgrading to 4K resolution

Canon EOS R5 also brings us the possibility of upgrading to 4K resolution. For ordinary users, EOS R5 supports high frame rate recording at 4K resolution, which may be a more practical feature. Canon EOS R5 supports recording video in 4K/120p format. At present, many mainstream models support 4K/30p recording. If there is a need for upgrading, it needs to be recorded in 1080P/120p format. The Canon EOS R5 allows us to record at 120p when shooting 4K video, which is convenient for later upgrades.

   The video specifications of Canon EOS R5 are all dazzling enough, and there is a powerful focusing system to echo it. Whether it is 8K short film or 4K video, Canon’s EOS R5 supports full-pixel dual-core autofocus.

  Highlights-0,245 million high pixels-both video and photography are correct.

   After introducing the highlights of video shooting, we are also concerned about the pixel value of EOS R5. In fact, Canon has not clearly stated the pixel value of Canon EOS R5. But everyone has defaulted the pixel value of Canon EOS R5, at least 45 million. How did this 45 million pixel value algorithm come from? According to foreign media, according to different resolution specifications, Canon EOS R5 can record either 8K DCI or 8K Ultra with resolutions of 8192*4320 and 7680*4320.

   To be more specific, the “no cropping” of R5 means width without cropping, that is to say, at the highest resolution, the wide side is at least 8192 pixels, and the aspect ratio of the Canon sensor is 3. : 2. It can be concluded that the height is at least 5462 pixels, 8192*5462, which is about 44.74 million pixels. Of course, the possibility of higher pixels is not ruled out.

Canon EOS R5 also brings us the possibility of upgrading to 4K resolution

This is not the first time Canon has brought us a high-pixel model. In 2015, Canon released EOS 5Ds and EOS 5DsR two full-frame SLR cameras, reaching 50.6 million pixels. Once they were launched, they became the highest pixel at the time. Full frame camera. Nowadays, in the whole market, high-pixel models are actually very few. Sony’s main high-resolution A7R series of A7R4 effective pixels 61 million, Nikon’s Z 7 and D850 are equipped with 45.75 million effective pixels, as well as Panasonic full-frame mirrorless S series of main photo shooting models, 4,730 S1R with million effective pixels. Therefore, Canon EOS R5 has a pixel value of approximately 45 million, and its performance is also among the best in the entire market.

   It is not unreasonable that all major manufacturers will launch high-resolution models. High-pixel models, more pixels, means that the resolution of the details of the picture is stronger, and secondly, it is convenient for us to cut. After a part of the picture is enlarged, it can still be clear and sharp, and the early composition can be corrected .

  Highlight-03 The highest 20fps continuous shooting speed-the king of dynamic capture among high-pixel models

   From the point of view of the parameters, the continuous shooting speed under the Canon EOS R5 electronic shutter is also considered to be Top with. Canon EOS R5 reached 20fps under the electronic shutter, and the continuous shooting speed of the mechanical shutter reached 12fps. At present, the machines that can achieve such a continuous shooting speed of 20 frames per second under the electronic shutter include Fuji X-T4, Panasonic G9, Sony A9, A9 II, and Canon EOS-1D X Mark III.

   At the same pixel level, Sony’s high-pixel model A7R4 has a maximum continuous shooting speed of 10 frames per second, and there is still a distance from 20 frames per second. Most of the models that can achieve continuous shooting of 20 frames per second under the electronic shutter, the effective pixels are around 20 million, such as Sony’s A9 and A9 II, which have 24.2 million effective pixels.

Canon EOS R5 also brings us the possibility of upgrading to 4K resolution

Therefore, it is a machine with at least 45 megapixels and an electronic shutter of 20 frames per second. Among the machines with the same pixel level, the EOS R5 can be said to have the best motion capture capability. Combining high-speed continuous shooting with high pixels, this configuration is beneficial to users who need to capture photos. On the basis of ensuring high pixels, it can also capture subtle moments, which is especially suitable for commercial photographers.

The high-speed continuous shooting performance like    is also inseparable from the focusing performance. Canon EOS R5 focusing system has added the ability of animal detection and recognition, which can identify the body, face and eyes of animals. Moreover, based on the high-quality performance of the EOS-1D X Mark III real-time view focusing, we can predict that the focusing performance of the Canon EOS R5 will also be more accurate and stable.

  Highlights-045-axis body anti-shake-advantage of dual anti-shake system

   Now, body anti-shake is the overall development trend, but in Canon’s product line, there is still There is no machine equipped with body anti-shake. And this Canon EOS R5 is currently the first Canon camera officially announced to support body anti-shake technology.

   Canon originally had a relatively mature IS anti-shake technology for the lens. This time Canon used the 5-axis anti-shake technology of the fuselage on the Canon EOS R5, thus forming a dual anti-shake system for the fuselage and lens. Shake system, there are even reports that Canon EOS R5 can achieve 8-speed anti-shake. We don’t know whether such data is true, but Canon EOS R5 is bound to bring better anti-shake performance.

Canon EOS R5 also brings us the possibility of upgrading to 4K resolution

The powerful anti-shake system is very practical for daily shooting. Whether it is video or photo shooting, in some occasions, it may not be allowed or convenient to carry a tripod. If you can maintain the stability of the picture by hand, you don’t have to worry about missing the scene that needs to be recorded. In the dark environment, good anti-shake performance can leave more room for the shutter speed. When shooting videos, turn on anti-shake, and the picture in the hand can be more stable.

  Highlights-05 cloud platform automatic transmission-the camera can also be shared with the camera

   Canon EOS R5 also supports the automatic transmission of the image cloud platform this time, shortening the transmission from the camera to you Of the social network. At present, the reason why many people prefer to take photos with mobile phones is partly because of the feature of mobile phones “Share with pictures”. Even though most cameras now support WIFI and Bluetooth functions, they still need an operation from the camera to their social network. the process of.

Canon EOS R5 also brings us the possibility of upgrading to 4K resolution

According to the espionage news, Canon EOS R5 not only supports 5GHz WIFI, Bluetooth, but also carries a cloud platform, which is more like a “hub for user content management”, which helps image transmission between different devices. It is reported that the images uploaded to the cloud platform can be seamlessly uploaded to all images and movies in the original format and quality, and they can be accessed through a dedicated application or a web browser. You can also automatically forward these images and movies to computers, mobile devices, and third-party services.

   In addition to EOS R5 users, Canon’s cloud platform this time has other Canon digital cameras, and each user 10GB of long-term storage space.

   In this way, Canon EOS R5 not only achieved the “top configuration” in hardware, but also made changes in software, following the trend of the times. However, the Canon EOS R5 machine also left us some suspense.

   Suspense-01 How much does Canon EOS R5 sell for?

   There are many speculations about the price of Canon EOS R5. We estimate that the price is between 28,000 and 30,000. As a mirrorless single, its mechanical structure determines the production cost, whether it is a reflector or a shutter, the cost is relatively cheaper than a SLR camera, and the price is reasonable within 30,000.

   Suspense-02 high-spec video recording, how about the heat dissipation performance of Canon EOS R5?

   High-performance machines all face the problem of heat dissipation, especially during video recording, so heat dissipation has become a problem that users are very concerned about. In an interview with foreign media before, Canon also stated that “we have used a lot of technologies to solve the heat dissipation problem, especially we have learned a lot from our past product lines.”

  After testing, foreign media said that this Canon EOS R5 recorded 8K RAW video continuously for 20 minutes without any heat problems. We are looking forward to the final cooling performance of Canon EOS R5.

   Suspense-03 How is the focusing performance of Canon EOS R5?

   The focus system of Canon EOS R5 has added the ability of animal detection and recognition, which can recognize the body, face and eyes of animals. There is even a spy message saying that the animals that EOS R5 can recognize include not only cats, dogs, There are even birds. However, it is not known that this identification system is not supported in video recording. Moreover, in the field of mirrorless cameras, Sony is still the strongest focusing performance at the moment. How does Canon EOS R5 perform? Can it match or even surpass Sony Dafa?

Canon EOS R5 also brings us the possibility of upgrading to 4K resolution

Suspense-04 How is the battery life?

   From the point of view of video recording specifications, Canon EOS R5’s 8K RAW high-performance recording, judging from the high-speed continuous shooting performance, it is speculated that this Canon EOS R5, perhaps like EOS-1D X Mark III, with High-speed writing of CFExpress card realizes high-speed continuous shooting performance.

   Regardless of whether it is from the point of view of video shooting or powerful motion capture capabilities, Canon EOS R5 is not destined to be a “power-saving” machine. Therefore, battery life is also an issue that we are very concerned about. Moreover, we are curious whether Canon EOS R5 can charge while shooting like Panasonic and Sony.


   Now in the face of this strongest Canon EOS R5 new machine, we review the history of Canon’s special micro, and found that Canon really took great pains for the R series. In 2018, Canon released the first full-frame mirrorless EOS R, this 30.3 million pixel full-frame sensor, full-pixel dual-core focusing system, 5655 focus points, a maximum continuous shooting speed of 8 frames per second, and 4K 30p video A high-performance machine with recording capability has already demonstrated Canon’s determination to cultivate the full-frame micro R series.

   Along with Canon EOS R, there is also Canon’s new RF mount system. The new RF lens uses a shorter flange distance, and the overall optical quality and image quality performance have been upgraded. Therefore, behind EOS R5, in addition to high-performance parameters, there is also an excellent and rich RF mount lens group.

   Regardless of whether it is for users or for the entire imaging industry, Canon’s EOS R5 is an existence that cannot be ignored. Canon, in addition to being always moved, we also see it, beyond the constant, the challenge is always there, and the surprise is always there.

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