Canon EOS R5 positioning EOS 5D in the mirrorless camera series

  According to Zhongguancun Online, the positioning of Canon EOS R5 has been determined as Canon’s mirrorless version of “EOS 5D”.

The number    “5” has always been a landmark in the development of Canon’s cameras. Canon EOS 5D series can be said to be Canon’s most classic full-frame SLR series, known for its high image quality and high performance, the famous EOS5DMarkII is a “legend” among full-frame cameras. One of the reasons why EOS R5 has always attracted the attention of the industry may be that Canon uses the extraordinary number “5” in its naming.

Canon EOS R5 positioning EOS 5D in the mirrorless camera series

EOS R5, as the leader of the mirrorless version 5 series, should also leave a fortune in Canon’s mirrorless camera history. “Canon had EOS 5 cameras in the film era, and EOS 5D series models in the digital SLR era. Now, the time for EOS R5 has come,” a Canon representative said in an interview with foreign media recently.

   At present, EOS R5 parameters have been partially exposed. About 45 million new CMOS sensors, 8K video recording, collaborative IS anti-shake, etc., can be said to be very eye-catching. The parameters of the EOS R6 are slightly inferior to those of the EOS R5, which coincides with the lower positioning of the Canon SLR series EOS 6D than the EOS 5D.

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