Canon G7 X III, Sony’s new black card RX 100M7, Nikon’s new full-frame Z8 is ready to come out

   Canon G7 X III, Sony’s new black card RX 100M7, Nikon’s new full-frame Z8 is ready to come out. In the coming July, the entire imaging industry is as hot as the weather, with new products and news never stopped. Everyone seems to slap the video industry’s remarks before using actual actions. Today, I will sort out for everyone, what new products and news are worth paying attention to in July.

Canon G7 X III, Sony’s new black card RX 100M7, Nikon’s new full-frame Z8 is ready to come out

  ”Small Steel Cannon” is upgraded again

   On July 9, Canon officially released the new G7 X Mark III high-end portable card machine. The new machine uses a new 20.1 million pixel stacked 1-inch sensor, equipped with an equivalent 24-100mm F1.8-2.8 lens, a single focus supports 20 frames/sec continuous shooting, and a new 30 frames/sec RAW continuous shooting mode , And has 4K 30P, full HD 120P video recording capabilities.

Canon G7 X Mark III frontCanon G7 X Mark III front

   The new machine brings a comprehensive and huge upgrade in terms of performance compared to the second generation. Both the sensor and the processor are innovative. In terms of hard parameters, the highest 20 frames per second continuous shooting, 4K 30P + full HD 120P Excellent video performance… The new G7 X Mark III combines high-speed capture and high-level video shooting capabilities. It is an out-and-out small steel gun.

Canon G7 X Mark III backCanon G7 X Mark III back

   G7 X Mark III has the lowest listing price of 4799 yuan. For the performance parameters of this new machine, the listing price of less than five thousand can be said to be very good.

  The black card evolved to the seventh generation

   The Canon G7 X III we introduced above is a high-performance portable camera. When it comes to high-performance portable cameras, there is another product that cannot Not to mention, that is Sony’s black card series. Not long ago, Sony officially released the seventh generation of the Sony Black Card RX100-RX100 M7.

Sony RX100 M7Sony RX100 M7

   New generation Sony The card is also equipped with a new 1-inch stacked CMOS with approximately 20.1 million effective pixels and an equivalent 24-200mm F2.8-4.5 lens. The biggest highlight of the new machine is the ability to focus continuous shooting. It adopts the “357-point phase + 425-point contrast” focusing system, the fastest focusing speed is about 0.02 seconds, and it can achieve 60 AF/AE tracking detections per second and 20 frames per second. Black screen high-speed continuous shooting.

The screen supports 180-degree flip, which is suitable for vlog in addition to selfies The screen supports 180-degree flip, which is also suitable for vlog in addition to selfies.

   In addition to the series of hard parameters mentioned above, the RX100M7 supports “real-time tracking” and “real-time eye focus” when taking pictures. ”Function, real-time eye focus can also be performed during video shooting, and it supports video vertical shooting information recording, which is convenient for mobile phone vertical screen viewing. In addition, the new machine has added a microphone interface in terms of interface, which provides more convenience for vlog video creation. . It can be said that this is an all-round model that can simultaneously meet the needs of high-speed capture, video recording and vlog recording.

   But compared to the Canon G7 X III, the price of the seventh-generation black card is not so “friendly”. Sony’s official price is 8,699 yuan, which is by far the most expensive model in the Sony RX100 family.

   pixels have evolved to 61 million!

   In addition to the seventh-generation black card, Sony will have a new heavyweight product in July, that is, the A7R M4. The A7R series products feature high-pixel advantages in Sony’s full-frame micro-single product line, and this new generation of models is no exception. A7R M4 uses a newly developed full-frame Exmor R CMOS back-illuminated image sensor with approximately 61 million effective pixels, with 15 levels of dynamic range, high-speed continuous shooting at 10 frames per second, and 567 phase detection focus points, supporting real-time tracking and video real-time Eye focus function, and many improvements have been made in body design and handling.

Sony A7R M4Sony A7R M4

  A7R M4 definition The balance between high image quality and high speed, providing high resolution and high dynamic range comparable to medium format, with the powerful performance of high-speed focusing and high-speed continuous shooting, coupled with excellent connectivity and operability, is a wide range of professional photography Ideal for photographers, professional video workers and photography enthusiasts.

   This ultra-high-pixel full-frame mirrorless camera will be launched in late August this year. The price of a single body is 26,999 yuan. In addition to the high price of the new machine itself, in order to maximize the strength of this high-pixel micro-single, high-quality lenses, high-speed memory cards, and even high-configuration computers are all essential. Larger investment.

  Nikon’s new machine is about to come out

   The Sony A7R M4 we introduced above is a full-frame mirrorless single with 61 million high pixels. Recently, relevant foreign media will report on Nikon’s new machine. The specification of 61 million pixels will also be adopted, and the products involved are the Nikon full-frame mirrorless Z8 and the new SLR D860. The news pointed out that Nikon Z8 will be released in Q3 or Q4 this year, and Nikon D860 will be released in early 2020.

NikonZ8Nikon Z8

   from the current news Look, both Nikon Z8 and D860 may use Sony’s IMX455 full-frame image sensor, which is still 61 million pixels. The phase detection autofocus speed of this sensor will be faster than Nikon D5 and Nikon D500.

Sony IMX455 image sensorSony IMX455 image sensor

   News It also pointed out that Sony’s IMX455 image sensor is a “castrated version” of IMX555, while Sony itself uses the IMX555 image sensor. In this way, Sony’s own competitiveness will be further improved. After all, Nikon does not have its own sensors, so it is impossible to be restricted by Sony. However, this IMX455 sensor still has a very good performance.

The Nikon D850 with strong comprehensive performanceThe Nikon D850 with strong comprehensive performance

   Although It uses Sony’s sensor, but one of Nikon’s magic is the first-class adjustment ability. For example, the Nikon D850 also uses a Sony sensor, but after tuning it out, it has become the most powerful product in the current high-end SLR, which is rarely matched. I believe that even if Sony sells the castrated version of the 61-megapixel sensor to Nikon, Nikon can take it to the extreme, and there will be outstanding performance by then. I look forward to the performance of the Z8 and D860.

  Canon’s new flagship was born for the Olympic Games

   The latest spy from Canon Rumors website, Canon will simultaneously launch two flagship high-speed full-frame cameras before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, including one One SLR and one micro-single. Among them, the SLR model will undoubtedly be the EOS-1D X Mark III, and the micro-single model will be the high-speed version of EOS R.

The third generation 1DX is already in the testing phaseThe third generation 1DX Already in the testing phase

   In addition, CR stated that these two flagship full-frame models will not be released this year, but early next year. However, Canon is likely to launch an ultra-high pixel full-frame micro-single at the end of this year, which will have 60 million or higher pixel level.

Canon G7 X III, Sony’s new black card RX 100M7, Nikon’s new full-frame Z8 is ready to come out

   Although there are already two full-frame micro-orders, Canon still needs Only by launching a flagship product can the product line be considered rich.

   As early as February of this year, there have been espionage that the engineering prototype of Canon EOS-1D X Mark III has been handed over to photographers for real shot testing. Although the specific specifications and body design have not been exposed, it is A flagship SLR, this new machine will definitely have super continuous shooting and focus tracking performance, and the pixels will also be further improved. Next year is the Tokyo Olympics, and it is also a time for major imaging manufacturers to compete for strength. Not only will Canon’s 1DX product line be updated, but Sony’s A9 and Nikon’s D6 will also appear in front of us. The only problem now is that these flagship products are this year. Appearing at the end of the year is the year of the Olympics.

  The upgrade of the star mirrorless camera

   According to CanonRumors, the Canon EOSM6MarkII mirrorless camera is likely to be released at the end of August. In addition, according to the insider’s espionage, some camera parameters have been exposed. The new mirrorless lens is still designed with APS-C frame sensor, and it adds EVF similar to EOSRP, supports 4K video without cropping, and supports slow-motion video with high frame rate. .

CanonEOSM6MarkII parameter exposureCanon EOSM6MarkII parameter exposure

   Canon EOSM6MarkII exposure parameters:

  32.5 million pixel APS-CCMOS sensor

  DIGIC 8+image processor

  4K 30p, 1080P 180p

  Canon Log is not supported, but there will be a new movie mode

  Dual pixel AF focus guide

  New self-timer mode and Vlog mode

  Enhanced movie IS

   High-speed continuous shooting up to 16 frames per second

   RAW continuous shooting mode at 30 frames per second

   Dual pixel AF focusing in extended area

   Eye AF focus

  Electronic shutter 1/16000s

  Focus bracketing

  Support external electronic viewfinder

  USB-C charging

Canon EOSM6 mirrorless camera Canon EOSM6 mirrorless camera

It can be seen that if the parameters exposed by the Canon M6II are real, it will be an upgrade in all aspects. In terms of pixels, it has been directly increased from the original 24.2 million to 32.5 million, the continuous shooting speed has been increased from 9 frames per second to 16 frames per second, the video has been upgraded to 4K 30p and 1080P 180p, and new selfie modes and Vlog modes have been added. M6II keeps pace with the times in an all-round way, bringing users more practical functions and performance.

   There are many new lens products

   In addition to the body we introduced above, there have been many new lens releases recently, and there are many rumors about new lenses. It is reported that Nikon Z mount 85mm f/1.8S may be released in the near future. Of course, this lens is not mysterious, because as early as Nikon released the Z series mirrorless lens and Z mount lens, this lens has been repeatedly mentioned in the Z lens product sequence. According to Nikon’s Z series lens roadmap, this lens is planned for 2019.

Nikon Z 85mm f/1.8 S lensNikon Z 85mm f /1.8 S lens

   In addition to the Nikon micro-single lens, Sigma also launched lens products for Canon EF M mount in mid-July. They are: 16mm F1.4 DC DN, 30mm F1.4 DC DN, 56mm F1.4 DC DN. All three lenses belong to the Contemporary series of Sigma, and have previously launched a version suitable for Sony E mount. The specific price and launch date are to be determined.

Sigma launches three APS models suitable for Canon EOS M mirror- C format lensSIGMA launches three APS-C format lenses suitable for Canon EOS M mirrorless lens

   In addition to three APS-C format mirrorless lenses, Sigma also released 35mm F1.2 DG DN Art this month The lens provides dual versions of Sony E mount, Sigma/Leica/Panasonic L mount. The new lens is newly designed for the characteristics of the short flange distance of the micro-single system. It adopts a structure of 17 elements in 12 groups, which can meet the resolution requirements of the body with more than 50 million pixels, and also has excellent optical quality. The lens will be available soon and is expected to cost $1499.

Sigma 35mm F1.2 DG DN Art lensSigma 35mm F1 .2 DG DN Art lens

  The biggest selling point of this lens is that it achieves an F1.2 super-large aperture at 35mm focal length covering the full image field and supports autofocus. This specification is also the first in the Sony E-mount lens group. appear.


   These are the hot new products released by major manufacturers since July and the rumored spy photos of related products. It can be seen that this period is the manufacturer’s new technology and new The concentrated outbreak period of the product. The new products have improved a lot in effective pixels, focusing system, and video shooting.

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