Canon launches EOS R system lens mount adapter EF-EOS R 0.71x

   Canon Co., Ltd. announced the launch of the new bayonet adapter EF-EOSR0.71x. This mount adapter is suitable for the first new camera product of CinemaEOS series that uses RF mount-EOSC70. After installing EF-EOSR0.71x, EOSC70 can use Canon’s large number of EF full-frame lenses and EF cinema lenses to express video creation There are more possibilities.

Canon launches EOS R system lens mount adapter EF-EOS R 0.71x

  Canon*1EOSC70 Bayonet adapter EF-EOSR0.71x

  EF-EOSR0.71x has a built-in micro optical system, which can reduce the focal length by 0.71 times. Even if the EF full-frame lens is used on the EOSC70 equipped with 4KSuper35mm ​​image sensor, it can Shoot near the full-frame angle of view. In addition, because the micro optical system has a light-gathering effect, it increases the amount of light through the lens, which is equivalent to increasing the F-number aperture by about one stop. Therefore, even in dark environments such as indoors or at night, the ISO sensitivity can be reduced to record high High-quality, low-noise images.

  EF-EOSR0.71x has high compatibility and high reliability. When the EOSC70 is matched with the mount adapter EF-EOSR0.71x and the EF lens*2 is installed, it supports Canon’s full-pixel dual-core autofocus. It can use peripheral light correction, magnification chromatic aberration correction and other functions, and can display and record the aperture F value and focal length. It has the same excellent performance as a digital movie camera with an EF mount.

  1. For the convenience of readers’ understanding, Canon in this article may refer to: Canon Co., Ltd., Canon Co., Ltd., Canon brand, etc.

  2. As of September 24, 2020, the corresponding EF lens has three models: “EF16-35mmF2.8LIIIUSM”, “EF24-70mmF2.8LIIUSM”, and “EF24-105mmF4LISIIUSM”. By providing free firmware upgrades, compatible EF lenses will be gradually added. EF lenses can be used even without firmware upgrade, but in order to effectively use the functions of the camera and lens, firmware upgrade is recommended.

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