Canon responds to EOS R7 content

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Canon responds to EOS R7 content

   Canon EOS R7 rumors Circulated on the Internet. Japanese website DCwatch asked Tsuyoshi Tokura, general manager of Canon’s image communication business headquarters, about Canon EOS R7. Let’s see what he said:

   This time we released two models, but The R series lineup is not yet complete. Of course, I am considering expanding it as a strategy in the future, but I am not sure whether it will be EOS R7. But there is no doubt that the product lineup will be expanded, so please look forward to it.

  It is important that they cannot talk publicly about the upcoming camera due to the company’s privacy policy. However, at the same time, he did not deny.

   After the release of the Canon EOS R camera, Canon lost the versatility of the digital SLR camera era. Now, Canon has two completely different products, Canon EF-M and Canon RF, which are not compatible with each other. However, after Sony and Nikon were reborn, their camera lineups did not have such problems. Therefore, to solve this major problem in the product lineup, it is inevitable to release Canon RF mount cameras based on the APC-S sensor.

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