Canon will release rf70-135mm F2 lens

   With the introduction of Canon’s RF mount system, Canon once brought an RF28-70mmF2LUSM lens. Previously, we also reported that Canon might use this to create a “F2 aperture zoom legion,” launching multiple F2 aperture zoom lenses. Recently, foreign media have revealed that Canon may launch the RF70-135mmF2LUSM lens this year.

Canon will release rf70-135mm F2 lens

  The picture is Canon RF28-70mmF2LUSM lens

   This is not the first time this lens has appeared in foreign media rumors. Earlier this year, Canon said that it will bring a number of new RF mount lenses in 2020. The conjecture of foreign media includes this RF70-135mmF2LUSM lens. It is said that this lens may be unveiled in the fourth quarter of 2020, and some photographers have already used this lens. It is worth mentioning that since Canon EOSR5, R6 and future EOSR mirrorless cameras will be equipped with body image stabilization, this lens may no longer be equipped with lens stabilization.

  Editor’s point of view

   The focal length of 70-135mm and the large aperture of F2 will obviously be of great help to portrait shooting. But it is also believed that the weight and volume of this lens will not be “conventional.” However, if this lens is not equipped with in-lens anti-shake, it is obviously not friendly to EOSR and other models without body anti-shake.

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