Canon ZV-123 Polaroid camera can shoot and beat the account book easily

   News on the afternoon of December 1st, Canon today held a new product experience salon for Canon printers, “Checking in and printing out now,” to experience the newly released smart home all-in-one TS5380 and ZV-123 Polaroid cameras.

   At this salon site, Canon 1 also specially invited design aesthetics blogger @iBellas to teach hand-in-hand, in line with the characteristics of Canon’s different new products, leading the audience to easily make high-value pocketbooks, exclusive handbags and exclusive gifts The packaging will give full play to the user’s inspiration.

   8 million pixel Polaroid camera, shoot and shoot at any time

   Use the ZV-123 Polaroid camera to take the content directly, and then print out the photos to be taken and share with friends , You can also save the photos to the SD card of the fuselage as an electronic version to the phone.

ZV-123 Polaroid cameraZV-123 Polaroid Camera

   with “Canon The remote control shooting function in the “Mini Print” APP can be used as the camera shutter button to easily complete longer-distance self-timer requirements. There are 3 seconds, 5 seconds, and 10 seconds delay self-timer modes to choose from.

ZV-123 Polaroid cameraZV-123 Polaroid Camera

   Under the guidance of on-site professional teachers, users only need to download and install the “Canon Mini Print” APP on the mobile phone, and synchronize the special “Canon Mini Print” APP on the mobile phone through Bluetooth connection to the mobile phone photos For beautification, add rich templates such as stickers, borders, and text. You can also use drawing tools to manually doodling and edit. With creativity as inspiration, you can create original and high-value handbooks with unique illustrations.

  The printer can also print out the patterns on the bag

   In recent years, the personalized customization market is very hot, especially the digital thermal transfer process is quite popular, and it is very popular among users. favorite. In order to meet the needs of the personalized market, Canon has been continuously enriching the types of printing media and enriching the printing experience of users. In order to satisfy users for ironing their favorite photos on the surface of the fabric, DIY personality and warm life, this event also set up a separate thermal transfer experience area, so that users can better experience DIY printing.

Smart Home Appliance TS5380Smart The household all-in-one machine TS5380

  , users can first select their favorite patterns in their mobile phones, and use the “Easy-PhotoPrint Editor” APP application to use TS5380 and TS6380 printers and consumables to hot stamp stickers on fabrics, and print on-site to make a personalized environmentally friendly canvas Bag, complete a personalized DIY creation experience.

   At the same time, in order to ensure a better output effect on different fabrics, Canon has also added light-colored fabric hot stamping stickers LF-101 and dark fabric hot stamping stickers DF-101. model.

   not only satisfies users to easily complete personalized creation of T-shirts at home, but also selects consumables according to different color systems to achieve better color reproduction.

   sweet exclusive packaging, so that the gift is exquisite and stylish

Intelligent household all-in-one machine TS8380Smart Home Appliance TS8380

  The modern packaging not only represents a container for carrying goods, but also represents a way of life. Through the built-in 45 pattern templates of TS8380, you can print out gift wrapping paper of various styles, choose the patterns yourself, and wrap the sweet chocolates yourself, so that the DIY gifts you send will contain more hearts. At the same time, Canon Creative Park also provides a wealth of paper crafting materials such as three-dimensional greeting cards, origami models. On-site users can also select their favorite materials, print them out, and DIY them into unique greeting cards.

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