Canon’s flagship mirrorless EOS R1 unveiled in the fourth quarter of 2021

   With the official announcement of EOSR5, foreign media also exposed the existence of EOSR6. Looking at the EOSR series mirrorless cameras now, the naming will also continue to inherit Canon’s naming logic on the EOS SLR, so the issue of whether there will be a series of mirrorless cameras is also a concern. Recently, foreign media said that Canon might release EOSR1 camera.

Canon's flagship mirrorless EOS R1 unveiled in the fourth quarter of 2021

  Canon EOSR1

   It is said that EOSR1 is a mirrorless camera dedicated to news and sports photographers. If everything goes according to plan, Canon EOSR1 will be released in the fourth quarter of 2021. As it is still in the early development stage, the detailed parameters have not yet been exposed, but it is known that the 8K video recording function does not appear on the early tested cameras, and only 6K video can be recorded. However, since Canon EOSR5 has officially announced that it supports 8K video recording, it will naturally support it compared to EOSR1.

  Editor’s point of view

   Although this is relatively early news, you can still feel Canon’s efforts in the micro-single product line. I believe Canon EOSR1 will definitely have a breakthrough Parameters and specifications.

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