Canon’s high-resolution EOSR5 camera may be shipped in early 2021

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   Since the EOSR mirrorless debut, there have always been users expecting to launch high-pixel models, and the rumors of related high-pixel models have continued, even earlier. Rumor has it that Canon’s high-pixel EOSR will have 150 million pixels. With the official announcement of EOSR5, this rumor made its appearance again. Foreign media claimed that the EOSR high-resolution version does exist, and it is in the early stages of testing and distributed to some photographers for testing.

Canon’s high-resolution EOSR5 camera may be shipped in early 2021

  The picture is Canon Hypothetical image of EOSR high-pixel model

   Regarding this camera, foreign media said that its pixel count is roughly twice that of EOSR5, which is about 90 million pixels. The video specifications of this machine may not be so eye-catching, because the target market of this machine is still shooting still pictures. Foreign media expect that if all goes well, Canon’s high-resolution EOSR camera may be shipped in early 2021.

  Editor’s point of view

   Regarding high-resolution models, I feel that it is a product that every camera manufacturer will work on. Canon has attracted a lot of attention since the EOSR5 official announcement, and the high-pixel version is obviously a product that many users look forward to. Due to the limited content of the current news, we will continue to pay attention.

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