Canon’s high-resolution version of EOS R is already in testing

   Rumors of Canon’s new-generation EOSR have been circulating, and the latest news shows that the new EOSR is likely to be equipped with ultra-high pixel sensors.

   The Sony a7RIV released a few weeks ago has a sensor pixel volume of up to 61 million. Previously, it was reported that the new EOSR sensor pixel volume would be between 60 million and 75 million. Canon released such a machine to counter Sony also made sense. The news shows that the new generation of Canon EOSR camera has been tested on site, which also means that it is likely to become the highest pixel mirrorless camera after its release.

   2020 is the year of the Olympics. Canon is likely to announce this model in 2019 and launch it before the Olympics. After all, the Olympics is a good stage to showcase the high-resolution performance of the new EOSR. The news also pointed out that the machine will not show up at the August 28 press conference, and EOS90D and the new EOSM may be the focus of this press conference.

  Editor’s point of view,

  EOSR, as Canon’s first full-frame mirrorless camera, has milestone significance and also has many shortcomings, innovative touch bar experience Not used to it, there is only a single card slot for an SD card, and no body anti-shake. And the new generation EOSR that uses high-resolution sensors with high probability should also focus on improving these problems that affect user experience. I also hope that Canon will launch its flagship product in the fiercely competitive micro-single market. Let us look forward to it!

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