Canon’s new APS-C mirrorless will join IBIS

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   Canon engineers are developing IBIS for EOS M series high-end mirrorless cameras. The next-generation EOS M flagship mirrorless compact body will be equipped with a newly developed Mini IBIS unit. Compared with the large IBIS device of the R5 camera, the new IBIS device can provide up to 5.5 stops of anti-shake effect, and the power consumption is also slightly lower.

Canon's new APS-C mirrorless will join IBIS

   According to the latest rumors on the Internet, Canon EOS was in the laboratory Early prototypes of the new M APS-C mirrorless machine do have usable IBIS units. However, at the same time, we don’t know how much time Canon will spend to implement this function on the next Canon EOS M mirrorless machine.

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