Canon’s new patent, anti-condensation and defrosting

   A few days ago, Canon applied for a brand new patent to the relevant department. The patent is mainly aimed at solving the problem of condensation and frost caused by the temperature difference of the lens, the body and the environment when shooting in outdoor scenes. This situation should not be unfamiliar to those who have experienced time-lapse photography in snowy days or in the suburbs. The specification in the patent pointed out that Canon will use the Peltier cooling device to actively change the temperature of the lens and the body to maintain a balance with the outside temperature to prevent condensation and frost. In addition, this function can also help the internal components of the camera to dissipate heat.

Canon's new patent, anti-condensation and defrosting

The lens adapter will be connected to the heat-conducting surface between the lens mount on the camera body and the surface area around the sensor to conduct heat from the image sensor to the outside world. Good heat dissipation can ensure the stability of the image quality of the camera and prolong the service life of CMOS.

   Have you ever encountered lens fogging in your usual outdoor photography? What do you think of Canon’s patent? If the patent really landed and formed a product, would you buy it?

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