Canon’s patent for active cooling adapter exposed

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  Canon News recently published an article on a patent on the use of an adapter to actively cool RF cameras. In this patent, it is a cooling EF-RF adapter.

Canon's patent for active cooling adapter exposed

   in Japanese patent application 2019-186871, you can see Adapter and air flow from the adapter.

  Canon News said:

  The camera must be built correctly to handle the heat transfer from the sensor to the lens mount, which Canon can do. One of the engineering problems that even Sony and other companies have encountered is how to cool sensors that do not have a fixed location due to the IBIS. There are indeed flexible heat transfer materials made of polymers, so even with IBIS, the sensor can be directly cooled.

  recently reported that Canon is about to launch a new RF mount adapter, but unfortunately, it is not clear which product it is.

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