Cheap entry SLR Canon EOS 1600D or postponed debut

   Canon EOS1500D is equipped with a 24.1 million pixel APS-C frame sensor, using DIGIC4+ image processor, IS0 range 100-6400, viewfinder with 95% coverage, 0.8x magnification, 9-point autofocus system, 3 frames /Sec continuous shooting speed, and equipped with a 3-inch 920,000 pixel display. Recently, some foreign media have revealed that EOS1600D, the successor product of EOS1500D, may be postponed for EOS1600D, which was originally planned to be unveiled in the first or second quarter of next year.

Cheap entry SLR Canon EOS 1600D or postponed debut

   Canon EOS1600D

   Canon EOS1600D may be equipped with a 24 million pixel APS-C frame sensor that supports full-pixel dual-core focusing, or supports 4K video recording. According to foreign media sources, Canon EOS1600D may arrive at some point in 2021.

  Editor’s point of view

   If the parameters are true, the parameters of EOS1600D are relatively significantly improved compared to EOS1500D. It can be said that the specifications of entry-level cameras will be greatly improved.

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