China’s concept stocks mostly fell on Monday, and Huanju Group rose nearly 5%

   China’s concept stocks mostly fell on Monday, and Huanju Group rose nearly 5%. A person familiar with the matter disclosed that there was new news about Baidu’s acquisition of the YY business of Huanju Times’ live broadcast platform. This negotiation is close to completion, and relevant details may be officially announced in the near future. According to the report, Baidu’s acquisition plan is limited to YY’s domestic business, while its overseas business will maintain independent operations.

Among    popular Chinese concept stocks, Alibaba fell 0.98%, Pinduoduo rose 0.01%, rose 0.09%, Baidu fell 0.73%, and Huanju Group rose 4.64%. Bilibili rose 1.26%, iQiyi fell 0.39%, GSX rose 1.21%, NetEase rose 0.98%, NetEase Youdao fell 0.23%, Qu Toutiao fell 3.73%, Weilai fell 4.23%, Tencent Music rose 0.80 %, Sohu fell 1.89%, Douyu fell 2.39%, Huya fell 1.29%, Eggshell rose 5.41%, Mogujie fell 7.46% to close at 2.73 US dollars, Renren fell 7.79% to close at 4.85 US dollars, fell 8.42 %, Leju fell by 9.47%, Tuanche fell by 22.32%, Vipshop rose by 1.53%, New Oriental fell by 0.05%, Ctrip fell by 2.75%, Xinyang fell by 1.15%, Good Future fell by 1.29%, Momo fell by 0.20%, Yunji rose 7.45%, Jinshan Yun fell 0.83%, Xunlei fell 2.47%, Cheetah Mobile fell 2.03%, Qudian fell 8.50%, Best Group rose 3.13%, Huami fell 0.43%, Tuniu fell 1.74%, Yunmi fell 4.10 %, 51job is down 4.34%, Tiger Securities is down 4.74%, Lanting Group is down 5.28%, 360 Finance is down 5.44%, Autohome is down 1.72%, Uxin is down 6.37%, Mavericks is down 3.14%, Fang Tianxia It fell by 1.64%.

   U.S. stocks closed sharply on Monday, and the Dow plunged 650 points, the largest daily decline since early September. The Dow fell 650.19 points, or 2.29%, to 27685.38 points; the Nasdaq fell 189.34 points, or 1.64%, to 11358.94 points; the S&P 500 index fell 64.42 points, or 1.86%, to 3,400.97 points.

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