Debut in 2020, Fuji X-T200 may be released soon

   Fuji X-T100 was released in June 2018, equipped with a 24.2 million pixel APS-C frame sensor, supporting 3160P15P and 1080P60P video shooting, 6 frames per second continuous shooting, equipped with a 3-inch 1.04 million pixel flip touch screen. Recently, foreign media revealed that the replacement product of Fuji X-T100-X-T200 may be unveiled soon.

Debut in 2020, Fuji X-T200 may be released soon

   Fuji X- T200 hypothetical map

  Currently, foreign media claims that Fuji X-T200 may be equipped with a 24 million pixel X-Trans™ CMOSIII sensor from X-T20. It is not ruled out that it will be unveiled in January 2020.

  Editor’s point of view

   In fact, I still feel suspicious about foreign media claiming that the X-T200 will be equipped with an X-Trans sensor. As an entry-level machine, the X-T100 only carries traditional Bayer array sensors, and the X-T200 will theoretically still carry traditional sensors. If it is equipped with the X-Trans™ CMOSIII sensor, Fujifilm will obviously raise the barrier of entry-level machines and gain stronger competitiveness.

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