DJI’s new generation of pocket camera Pocket 2 will debut tomorrow

   Two years later, DJI Pocket Camera may be updated. On October 18, DJI’s official Weibo released a warm-up video, indicating that a new product will be released at 9 pm on October 20. Judging from the official copy of “This time, what will DJI take out of my pocket?”, the new product released this time is likely to be a new generation of pocket camera-DJI Pocket 2.

   So what are the surprises of the new generation of DJI Pocket Camera Pocket 2? The biggest highlight may be the larger camera lens. It is said that the Pocket 2 camera and the DJI Mavic Air gimbal may have the same configuration, which means that it may have a 1/2-inch sensor. In addition, Mavic Air 2 also has a recently updated digital zoom function, which may also perform well in a compact handheld camera like Pocket 2.

large Pocket 2Pocket 2

  The original DJI pocket camera has an optional larger control wheel that can switch between the tilt and pan control of the gimbal. The new generation of pocket cameras replaces the control wheel with a smaller joystick and an accessory button, and still has access to the built-in buttons.

   Like most DJI products, Pocket 2 provides a standard kit, which includes Pocket 2, USB-C cable, protective cover, smart phone adapter and a module. The Pro Bundle includes a tripod, wide-angle lens adapter, dual USB-C cables for separate charging and data streaming, and a wireless microphone with a windshield and a full-featured handle.

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