Do you need to bring a power bank when you go out? The battery life of the 5G iPhone 12 is a bit hanged, Apple’s official response is coming

  Original title: Should I bring a power bank when I go out? The battery life of the iPhone 12 on 5G is a bit hanged, and Apple’s official response is here.

  According to the Beijing Daily, on October 24, in response to this issue, Apple’s iPhone marketing vice president Kaiann Drance responded that the increased smart data mode of iPhone 12 can balance data and power. In addition, Apple is using software System and cooperation with operators to improve battery life. The evaluation found that the battery life of the iPhone 12 dropped sharply after turning on 5G.

   It is reported that Apple’s official website claims that the iPhone 12 can play up to 17 hours of video and 65 hours of audio.

Image source: Apple's official websiteImage source: Apple Official website

   Recently, after testing Apple’s new iPhone 12, the American hardware website Tom’s Guide found that the battery life of the iPhone 12 dropped sharply after turning on 5G. According to the evaluation of the website, the battery capacity of Apple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro is 2815mAh.

   It is worth mentioning that recently, Huawei’s latest Mate 40 has a battery capacity of 4100mAh.

  According to the description of the website, the tester kept the screen brightness of the mobile phone at 150 nits, opened a new website every 30 seconds, and continued to browse the webpage until the battery of the mobile phone was exhausted. They compared the battery life of the iPhone 12 in 5G and 4G modes through this method, and compared it with other brands of 5G phones.

   The results show that the battery life of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro in 5G mode is about two hours less than that in 4G mode. Compared with Samsung Galaxy S20, OnePlus 8T and other 5G mobile phones in different refresh rate modes, the battery life of iPhone 12 is also at the bottom.

   The specific results show, many models When the screen of the mobile phone supporting 5G network is in the brightest state, the test results of browsing the web show that the battery life of iPhone12 and iPhone12 Pro are 8 hours and 25 minutes and 9 hours and 6 minutes respectively; while Samsung S20+5G and OnePlus 8T 5G, battery life Respectively 10 hours 31 minutes and 10 hours 49 minutes, the battery life of Google Pixel 5 is 9 hours and 56 minutes. In other words, in the same 5G mode, the battery life of Apple phones lags behind the above-mentioned several Android phones. Apple responds: It will improve the battery, software system, and operator cooperation.

   Some media said that the problem of iPhone12 connecting to 5G fast power consumption is not a factor, but battery capacity and baseband performance. And the result of the joint decision of the three aspects of setting optimization.

   Regarding the problem of excessive power consumption, Kaiann Drance, Apple’s vice president of iPhone marketing, responded: “This time the iPhone has a very good battery life, and the user’s use of 5G is also crucial to us. Important. We are able to perform a series of software optimizations on the entire system to extend battery life. Most importantly, we have added a new feature called Smart Data Mode, which allows you to manage 5G usage.”

   It is reported that in terms of 5G, iPhone12 has three data modes to choose from: 5G enabled, 5G automatic, 4G. “Enable 5G” is a mandatory full-time practical 5G network mode, and “4G” is not to enable 5G mode. And “Auto 5G” is the automatic adjustment of iPhone software. When the network usage is large, the system will automatically adjust to 5G mode, and in standby and other modes, it will fall back to 4G mode to balance data usage, speed and power consumption in real time. To help extend battery life.

  Kaiann Drance also said, “More importantly, we are cooperating with carrier partners on network deployment plans, so they are also providing assistance in optimizing the iPhone to optimize battery life.”


  Source: Daily Economic News from Beijing Daily, Apple’s official website, American hardware website Tom’s Guide, etc.

  Cover image source: Apple’s official website

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