Enhanced eye control focus, Canon’s latest patent exposure

   Various manufacturers value the focusing performance of their cameras, and eye-controlled focusing has always been one of their selling points. Recently, foreign media exposed a new Canon patent, which focuses on optimizing the eye-controlled focus of Canon camera products, including products ranging from compact cameras to SLRs and micro cameras. The detailed picture of the patent is as follows.

Enhanced eye control focus, Canon's latest patent exposure

  Canon Eye Control Focusing patent image

Enhanced eye control focus, Canon's latest patent exposure

Canon eye-controlled focus patent map

   In short, this patent for eye-controlled focus will make the eye-controlled focus have a faster and more accurate display in still picture shooting and video recording. The new The focus mode will also have a focus point magnification function, which will magnify the focus point area, especially the eye area during eye-controlled focusing, to facilitate confirmation of the focus effect.

  Editor’s point of view

   I still remember the last time Canon used a firmware update to prompt the eye-control focusing performance of EOSR and EOSRP. Users also really value eye-controlled focusing, because it can indeed bring a lot of convenience to the shooting process, and we also expect this patent to be implemented into the product as soon as possible.

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