Existence is reasonable? Secret of the camera’s extended sensitivity

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  What is the extended sensitivity of the camera? Everyone may have noticed that there is such an option in the camera in your hand, but you have basically never experienced it. For example, in the sensitivity dial on the X-T3 I have, L and H are the extended sensitivity gears of this camera, and the specific values ​​can be set in the menu. So the question is, how is this extended sensitivity achieved?

Existence is reasonable? Secret of the camera's extended sensitivity

   Fuji X- T3ISO dial

   For example, the working principle of the camera’s extended low sensitivity is to shoot at the lowest native sensitivity of the camera body, and then proceed in the camera body according to the set extended low sensitivity value Processing is just like adjusting the exposure in Lr or Ps, except that this step is transferred to the camera. Of course, there is a price to do this. After using the extended low sensitivity, the latitude of the picture will be lost, and the details of the highlight area will also be lost.

Existence is reasonable? Secret of the camera's extended sensitivity

   Extended low sensitivity Intensity leads to loss of detail in highlight areas

   Then do we still use extended ISO? Obviously most photographers will not recommend you to use extended sensitivity for shooting, unless you only shoot JPG images and there is not much post-production demand. But for some specific occasions and shooting themes, it is more important to take a good shot than a good shot, so it still makes sense to expand the sensitivity and sacrifice a part of the image quality in exchange for the shot.

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