Fairies fight! Sony A7S III will release 4K120P at the end of this month?

   Shortly after the big industry incident on July 9, the big brother of the micro single industry Naturally, I will not stand idly by. I believe everyone is looking forward to Sony’s move. Just got the latest rumors that the follow-up model of Sony A7S II will be officially released by the end of this month. The specifications are as follows:

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  A7S III use The newly designed 12-megapixel full-frame stacked CMOS image sensor supports 4K120p and Full HD/240p video recording per second, and supports 4K RAW recording at 120 frames per second. The most surprising thing is that there is no overheating problem and it can be used for unlimited video shooting. The appearance will be the same new design as the A7R4, the electronic viewfinder will have a resolution of 9.44 million pixels, and the UHS II SD memory card will be used.

   In an earlier interview with Tanaka, Kenji Tanaka, vice president and senior general manager of Sony’s digital imaging business, revealed that the entire A7S III system will adopt a completely new design. Sony’s post-production trick is not good, and it will be announced at the end of July.

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