Foreign media: Biden won the support of major US unions in the final days of the campaign

   According to foreign media reports, a major U.S. construction union may support Biden. In the final days of the Trump campaign, the Democrat won the support of an important group of blue-collar voters.

   The North American Construction Industry Union is an alliance of 14 unions, representing nearly 3 million workers in the United States. The union has been on the sidelines while weighing Trump’s policies and the impact of Biden’s infrastructure and climate plans. The alliance has not publicly announced its support for Biden.

   According to a person familiar with the matter, Trump has also won the support of the union, but the organization is disappointed that the government lacks further coronavirus relief.

   “Joe Biden will contribute to the American working class because he has done so before,” said Sean McGarvey, chairman of the union, in an email statement. “He plans to build a vibrant and sustainable infrastructure and safe energy to support union construction workers and their families.”

   He also claimed that the Trump administration has violated its promises in the past four years and launched A war against the middle class.

   In 2016, the organization supported Democrat Hillary Clinton, but half of the ordinary members voted for Trump. In particular, the support from white salaried voters helped Trump win a series of industrial “rust belt” states, paving the way for him to become the White House in 2016.

   Biden is very competitive in many states including Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, and has won a lot of support from unions, which may benefit from increased infrastructure spending. Biden also proposed other measures, including raising the coveted minimum wage of workers. Before the election, the two candidates had been pursuing the “Made in America” ​​agenda and planned to invest a lot of new federal funds in infrastructure.

  Biden once criticized Trump for failing to propose any major infrastructure spending bill. He hopes to invest US$2 trillion in four years to promote plans including renewable energy projects to curb The impact of climate change. Trump criticized these plans and expressed doubts about climate change.

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