From 13,799 yuan! Nikon officially released the new mirrorless single Z6II, Z7II

   News on October 14th, today Nikon officially released two full-frame mirrorless digital cameras: Z6II and Z7II.

   Nikon Z6II will be launched on November 1 at the earliest, with a stand-alone price of 13,799 yuan, a kit of 17,799 yuan, and a kit of 19,299 yuan.

   Nikon Z7II will be launched in December, with a stand-alone price of 19,799 yuan and a set of 23,799 yuan.

   Among them, the Z7II uses a Nikon FX format back-incident CMOS sensor with approximately 45.75 million effective pixels. Achieve the usual sensitivity range of ISO 64-25600.

  , combined with the rich NIKKOR Z-mount lens product line, gives full play to the optical performance of the Z-mount system, which not only provides high-resolution rendering unique to high-pixel cameras, but also has beautiful background blur.

   Z7II is equipped with dual EXPEED 6 images The processor achieves high-resolution imaging. At the same time, the number of up to a continuous shooting is increased to about 77, which is about 3 times that of the Z 7, and the speed under the high-speed continuous shooting setting is increased to about 10 fps.

   It supports dual card slots. In addition to CFexpress and XQD memory cards that support fast read and write, SD memory cards can also be used.

   In the AF area mode of wide-area auto focus, it supports eye detection auto focus and animal detection auto focus. Low-light autofocus performance has also been improved, allowing autofocus shooting in dim environments as low as −3EV.

  Z7II also supports subject tracking autofocus, which is similar to the 3D tracking on a digital SLR camera. In addition, the object tracking function can be assigned to a custom control.

  Z7II equipped with 2.1 million points, The display can be folded about 8cm.

   supports the N-Log function, which can be used for 10-bit video output with a wide dynamic range. It should be noted that the material of this function is only recorded to an external device, and cannot be recorded to the memory card inserted in the camera .

   It also supports Full HD video in 4K UHD and 12-bit RAW formats to meet more video recording needs.

  Z6II, the number of effective pixels Approximately 24.5 million, sensitivity range ISO 100-51200, support 30p 4K Ultra HD and 120p Full HD. You can use eye detection auto focus and animal detection auto focus during video recording.

   When the camera is connected to an external recording device via HDMI, it can output 12-bit RAW video in 4K Ultra HD or Full HD format, so that rich information can be used for color grading.

   In addition, the Z6II also supports 10-bit output with the N-Log function. At the same time, it also supports HDR video recording using the hybrid logarithmic gamma standard to meet diverse needs.

   Z6II uses dual EXPEED 6 processors to increase the continuous shooting speed from approximately 12 frames per second on the Z 6 to approximately 14 frames per second. The number of shots that can be taken in one continuous shooting has increased from about 35 shots on the Z6 to about 124 shots.

   is also equipped with about 2.1 million dots, about 8cm foldable display screen.

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