From the Netflix certification, talk about the self-cultivation of professional video cameras

   Today’s new cameras emphasize video performance more than ever. Faced with many new cameras that advertise high resolution, high frame rate, and high dynamics, will you feel a bit at a loss when buying? Today, let us take the “Netflix certification” as a clue to share with you what qualities a professional video camera should possess.

  Background knowledge

  Netflix, Chinese translated as “网飞” or “奈飞”, is the world’s largest media service company. You may never actually log in to this website, but you must have heard of its name. In the first half of this year, Netflix added about 26 million paid members, and the total number of paid members has approached 200 million.

   More than 20 years ago, Netflix was only an online video rental service provider. Since 2013, Netflix has invested in self-produced dramas, and has launched popular and popular dramas such as “House of Cards”, “Stranger Things”, “Darkness”, “Love, Death and Robots”. As the reputation of self-made dramas continues to rise, Netflix has also begun to establish a set of process specifications. In the “Partner Help Center” of NetflixStudios, we can learn about all the specifications and the shooting equipment that has been “certified by Netflix.” As of July 2020, more than 40 recording devices from Arri, Canon, Panasonic, Red, Panavision, Sony, BlackMagic have passed the “Netflix certification”-more precisely, more than 40 cameras, as well as from Panasonic S1H full-frame mirrorless camera. Since being on the “Netflix Certified” list in October 2019, Panasonic S1H is still the only “camera” product on the list.

From the Netflix certification, talk about the self-cultivation of professional video cameras

  Specific requirements

  Seeing this, I believe you must be very concerned about Netflix’s requirements for recording equipment. Why isn’t there some camera products that we are more familiar with and also focus on video recording? Netflix’s main requirements for recording equipment are:

   resolution: true 4K UHD recording

   recording Requirements:

  Recording format: RAW or ALL-I and other intra-frame compression format, 16bit linear recording or 10bit LOG recording, not less than 240Mbps at 23.98fps

   supports Log

  wide color gamut color space

  Cannot add color correction to the log file

  The file must retain all metadata

  Black balance

   aspect ratio/framing

  anamorphic lens

   It’s not difficult to see that “Netflix Certified” meets the era requirements of high resolution, high dynamics, and wide color gamut, and attaches importance to the consistency of post-processing space and the entire workflow. Although most of my friends did not have the opportunity to participate in the shooting of Netflix’s self-produced drama, this certification requirement still has a strong guiding value for our equipment selection. ,

   So, should we choose?

  Are the equipment that has passed Netflix certification very expensive? Most of the products are indeed not cheap, but there are also some small and medium-sized studios that can afford it-the Panasonic S1H, the only mirrorless camera on the list, is currently priced at about 26,500 yuan. If you intend to use the ProResRAW recording process, the total price with AtomosNinja V monitor recorder is only a little over 30,000 yuan. Combined with the operating instructions attached to the “Netflix certification”, we can get to Panasonic S1H. The following features have been recognized by the world’s largest media platform:

From the Netflix certification, talk about the self-cultivation of professional video cameras

  4:2:210bit ALL packaged in MOV -I record format:

   resolution can be selected as 3840×2160 or 4096×2160

   supports V-LOG

   bit rate reaches 400Mbps

   supports full frame, Super35 frame or point-to-point recording

  When using an anamorphic lens: Support 4K-A 24p or 30p 4:2:2 10bit ALL-I recording, with in-camera settings for different ratio anamorphic lenses

   the in-camera correction function can be turned off or zeroed: diffraction compensation, noise reduction, sharpness, vignetting, etc., to provide a material closer to the original

   can output uncompressed 4:2:210bit uncompressed video: When using an external recording device, you can record 4K 60p 4:2:2 10bit video through uncompressed HDMI output; support time code Sync cable

   above, mainly emphasizes the combination of resolution and frame rate under the 4:2:210bit ALL-I recording format. In addition, the Panasonic S1H also supports 4:2:010bit LongGOP format 6K 24p, 5.9K 30p, 4K or C4K 60p in-camera recording, and can be used with AtomosNinja V monitor recorder, it can also carry out a variety of formats of 12bitRAW Recording.

From the Netflix certification, talk about the self-cultivation of professional video cameras

   is more than “more”

   whether it is a product launch or a product introduction, it’s very popular now at the end Here is a “OneMore Thing”. But at this point, for the full-frame mirrorless camera of the Panasonic S1H, how can there be only “OneMore Thing”.

   Dual native ISO of ISO 640 and ISO 4000, it can provide delicate and clear images in various light environments.

  14+ block dynamic range, V-Gamut covering the entire HDR spectrum, meeting HDR PQ video recording requirements.

   1080 180p high frame rate recording including audio recording, realizing 7.5 times slow motion playback, extending 8 seconds of material into 1 minute of wonderful video.

   has a built-in active cooling fan, which realizes unlimited video recording in various formats without affecting the performance of the three defenses. Whenever you want to turn it on, you can turn it on whenever you want, so that everyone on the set will not wait for the machine to “cool down.”

   supports tilt and free-angle monitors, independent use, installation of stabilizers, Selfie, can comfortably control the overall situation.

   has a highly visible shoulder screen that can provide very detailed information display during recording.

   The second-generation 5-axis dual-effect anti-shake system, which provides up to 7.5 stops of anti-shake effect, and can ensure a smooth picture even in environments where stabilizers cannot be used.

   The front and back of the fuselage are designed with recording buttons and recording indicators.

   dual UHS-II V90 specification SD card slots, support segment recording, loop recording, relay recording, making it easier for us to achieve long-term non-stop.

   supports USB PD fast charging and USB power supply, only a C-C cable and mobile power supply can extend the battery life.

   HDMI A type interface with strong versatility and sufficient durability

   can be used through DMW-XLR1 adapter XLR microphone, and realize a variety of audio adjustments.

   can be remotely controlled via 5GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

  …… ……

   Now, we can go back to the title and confirm that the above is one The “self-cultivation” that a professional video camera should have.

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