Fuji X-S10 camera released: compact body with anti-shake

   Fuji X-S10 camera was released last night, equipped with 26.1 million pixel X-TransTM CMOS 4 sensor, high-speed image processing engine, X-Processor 4 and body anti-shake and other major functions , Can record 4K/30P 4:2:2 10bit video or 240P 10 times slow motion full HD video.

Fuji X-S10 camera released: compact body with anti-shakeFuji X-S10 camera released: compact body with anti-shakeFuji X-S10 camera released: compact body with anti-shake

  Main product features

  1) The latest research and development, a smaller IBIS anti-shake device integrated into a compact body

  X -S10 body is only 450 grams, the volume and weight of the new anti-shake structure are about 30% smaller than the previous generation, and it can provide up to 6.0-speed five-axis anti-shake function. The front and top of the X-S10 fuselage are made of magnesium alloy to keep the fuselage strong. At the same time, an ergonomic magnesium alloy handle with a large size is adopted.

  2) Legendary film simulation and updated automatic functions to achieve excellent image quality

  X-S10 has 18 exclusive modes, including Classic Neg. Classic negative film and ETERNA Bleach Bypass. X-S10 provides an updated [Auto/Scene Positioning] mode, which can automatically select the most suitable film simulation and exposure combination according to the shooting scene.

  3) Reliable autofocus and high-speed continuous shooting performance

  Combined with X system The computing power of the fourth-generation flagship core provides fast and accurate autofocus results. The X-S10 can achieve focus within 0.02 seconds at -7.0 EV. X-S10 can achieve mechanical shutter 8fps, electronic shutter 30fps uninterrupted high-speed continuous shooting, can bring high-precision tracking autofocus and face/eye autofocus functions.

  4) Variable angle LCD screen and electronic viewfinder

  X-S10 Equipped with a variable-angle LCD screen that can be rotated 180 degrees. There are three enhancement modes available for the live view function of the electronic viewfinder * including low light priority, resolution priority and frame rate priority.

  5) Comprehensive video functions

  X-S10 from 6K equivalent data Generate 4K video in volume to ensure high resolution and low noise. It supports recording 4K/30p 4:2:0 8bit video to the SD card in the body, and outputs 4K/30p 4:2:2 10bit through the HDMI port. At the same time, it supports 10 times slow motion up to 240P to show the slow motion of moving objects.

   In addition to the five-axis image stabilization of the fuselage, it also adds an enhanced IS mode function to provide a more stable image stabilization function, which almost eliminates the camera when used in a fixed position. Jitter.

  X-S10 has a dedicated video recording button on the top panel, even if the user is shooting a still image, you can also record video with one click. In auto mode, the exposure and focus settings will be automatically recorded.

  IT House learned that Fuji X-S10 will be listed in November, offering a variety of lens kit options, and the national bank price is 6,999 yuan.

Fuji X-S10 camera released: compact body with anti-shake

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