Full-frame video tool EOS C500 Mark II latest news

   Recently, there have been a lot of topics about Canon EOS camera products. According to news, Canon expects to launch the CinemaEOSC500 follow-up camera within a few months.

   The rumors about CinemaEOSC500MarkII can be summarized as follows:

Picture is CinemaEOSC300MarkIIPicture is CinemaEOSC300MarkII

   The price of EOSC500MarkII will be between EOSC300MarkII and EOSC700;

   CinemaEOSC500MarkII is a full-frame camera that can record internal RAW;

  The camera will adopt a modular design, you can build a base according to your needs;

  You can switch the camera base independently, you can choose between the PL base or the EF base;

  The camera obtained a Netflix production license;

  Editorial view:

   In fact, as early as April last year, there was news that the camera was shown at a specific NBA dealer No surprises, the camera should be released by the end of this year.

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