Goodbye in June, Canon’s entry-level SLR 850D announced postponed listing

   Canon announced the release of the new EOS SLR 850D in February this year. This camera should have been released in late April. Both the fuselage and kit will be delayed until late June. The reason for the delayed sale is attributed to the impact of the new crown epidemic.

Canon EOS850D Canon EOS850D

  EOS850D is equipped with an EOS850D Canon’s APS-C format CMOS image sensor and DIGIC8 digital image processor with approximately 24.1 million effective pixels, and equipped with the EOSiTRAF focus of the previous high-end EOS models, are the successor products of Canon EOS800D and are also the EOS SLR product line Entry-level product.

  Editor’s view

  Because of the epidemic earlier, Canon had to close its headquarters for a while. Although Canon once said that its production capacity has not been greatly affected, does the postponement of sales from the 850D also mean that new micro-single products such as EOSR5 will also be postponed?

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