GoPro new product exposure, may be HERO9

   On October 1, 2019, GoPro officially released its new generation of action cameras-GoProHERO8Black. This sports camera has a major upgrade in anti-shake and other aspects. Recently, foreign media revealed that GoProHERO9Black may be on the way.

GoPro new product exposure, may be HERO9

  GoPro is in FCC New products have been registered here

   From the updated GoPro APP, we can get some clues: First, GoPro registered a new product numbered SPBL1 in the FCC. In addition, some details of the software have also been modified, and the original “TouchDisplay” has become “Display”. In the drop-down menu on the main screen, the preference button has been cancelled and a new button has appeared. The original preference button was moved to another interface. In addition, there are some color and icon size changes.

  Editor’s point of view

   began to launch new products in less than a year, and GoPro’s update pace for HERO series action cameras is very tight. I don’t know what new features the new GoProHERO9 camera will have.

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