Gopro registered a new trademark or pave the way for Gopro Hero9?

   According to overseas media reports, GoPro has recently registered two new trademarks: MURAL and ZEUS-possibly related to the previously rumored GoPro  Hero9 sports camera related software and accessories name. The following is a trademark description from the US Patent Office:

Gopro registered a new trademark or pave the way for Gopro Hero9?

  MURAL: Trademark Registration aims to cover downloadable computer software for the creation, production and editing of videos, images and photos; downloadable software tools for image, photo and video editing; allows users to create, produce, edit and share videos, digital images, photos, text Downloadable computer software, graphics, music, audio, video clips and multimedia content; downloadable computer software for creating, viewing, sorting, organizing, operating, managing, rendering, indexing, storing, transmitting, uploading, downloading and sharing Video, digital images, photos, text, graphics, music, audio, video clips, and multimedia content pass through computer networks, mobile phones, and other communication devices.

Gopro registered a new trademark or pave the way for Gopro Hero9?

  GoPro Hero8 camera

  ZEUS: The trademark registration aims to cover the categories of lamps used to illuminate people, animals, objects, scenery and the surrounding environment; flashlights; LED flashlights; flashlights; lighting flashlights; searchlights; outdoor portable lighting products , Namely headlights; headlights for lighting.

  Editor’s point of view:

   Although the GoPro brand had some layoffs due to the epidemic, and some physical sales operations were also cancelled, it is still possible to see GoPro through registration New trademarks to promote the research and development of new products.

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