GoPro released the GoPro HERO8 BLACK and GoPro MAX


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  GoPro released the GoPro HERO8 BLACK and GoPro MAX on October 1. As the leader of sports cameras, GoPro released two new products in a row this time, which is very surprising.

   About GoPro HERO8 BLACK, we have already conducted a detailed evaluation: GoPro HERO8 evaluation: anti-shake more stable is an upgrade for Vlog users

   Another product, GoPro MAX, is the largest product The feature is that after having almost all the functions of GoPro HERO8 BLACK, it can achieve 360-degree panoramic video shooting. The market price is 3998 yuan. So how does GoPro MAX perform? What is the difference between GoPro HERO8 BLACK? Let’s come to experience speaking.

   There are more lenses in appearance and the body is a circle larger

GoPro MAX and HERO8

   GoPro MAX did not receive much attention when HERO8 was released at the same time. This is due to everyone’s inherent impression of its previous generation product FUSION. FUSION is the first 360 degree GoPro released. A panoramic camera is actually not easy to use. In addition, the popularity of the HERO series is too high, so MAX is directly ignored by many people. But in fact, MAX is the strongest hardware product released by GoPro this time.

one more cameramore A camera

  MAX in addition to shooting 360-degree video material also adds a “HERO mode”, which is equivalent to buying a panoramic camera and giving you a HERO function. In addition, its built-in LCD screen can take self-portraits and built-in 6 microphones, which is almost equal to HERO8 plus an external flip screen and microphone module.

Built-in a 1.7-inch touch-sensitive color screenBuilt-in a 1.7-inch touch-sensitive color screen

   GoPro MAX looks like GoPro Fusion. But compared with it, GoPro MAX canceled the body design of upper and lower color separation, and the whole machine is covered with gray material. The built-in folding interface makes the whole smaller and more convenient. A 1.7-inch touch-sensitive color screen is built-in to see the images you take in real time. GoPro MAX is also the only 360 panoramic camera on the market that supports touch screens. At the same time, the microphone has been upgraded to a multi-hole microphone to make the reception more accurate.

  GoPro said that this set of microphone system is even comparable to HERO8 BLACK with media expansion radio components.

Use a rubber cap to protect the lens Protect the lens with a rubber cap

   Also, unlike the HERO series, neither lens is protected by a glass cover. You can use a rubber cap to protect the lens when not in use, or a plastic cap to protect the lens when shooting, but the sharpness will be discounted accordingly.

MAX bottom is also a folding joint design The bottom of the MAX is also a foldable joint design

   Like HERO8 BLACK, the bottom of the MAX is also a foldable joint design, which is compatible with existing peripherals, ensuring that GoPro MAX can be matched with existing peripherals when it is launched.

The battery is also optimizedBattery Also optimized

   Incidentally, GoPro MAX has also optimized the battery like HERO8 BLACK. The battery comes with a smart chip with a capacity of 1600mAh. The battery will automatically add voltage when some functions are turned on to ensure stable operation of the functions. The battery life is better than HERO8 BLACK. It can reach about 90 to 120 minutes in HERO mode and 60 minutes in 360-degree panoramic mode. After all, the dual camera module of GoPro MAX consumes more power.

  360-degree panoramic mode unlocks a different experience

   There are two ways to play GoPro MAX, one is HERO camera mode, which is the normal shooting mode, and the other is 360 degrees The panoramic camera mode is also one of the biggest advantages of GoPro MAX.

The mystery lies in the additional lens The mystery lies in the addition of an additional lens.

   GoPro MAX is not just a collection of two HEROs. It can cover a single spherical lens angle to 180 degrees, which makes the two spherical lenses of GoPro MAX combined, you can see a complete picture. Panoramic content.

   In the MAX menu design, GoPro continues the same operation logic as HERO, and completes the shooting mode, system settings, parameter settings, album playback and other functions by sliding the screen. However, MAX is more concise than HERO8’s many parameter settings.

Can take panoramic videos and photos Can take panoramic videos and photos

   GoPro MAX’s “360-degree mode” shooting mode interface, in the system default shooting pre-production, panoramic photos have a 3-second countdown selfie, or you can change it yourself.

The “Earth” icon in the lower left corner of the interface is the button to switch between “360-degree mode” and “HERO mode”. Among them, “360-degree mode” is a mode for taking panoramic photos and video material, while “HERO mode” can use a lens to shoot a wide-angle picture similar to a “HERO” camera.

   After clicking the “Earth” icon in the lower left corner to switch to “HERO mode”, the icon changes to “HERO” camera. There are two viewing angles for photo shooting in HERO mode, which are 16mm wide field of view and 13mmMax SuperView. Compared with HERO8’s four perspectives, there are fewer options.

The switch button on the    screen can also select the front camera or the rear camera to be used, but it cannot be switched during recording. But GoPro said it is considering implementing this feature.

GoPro MAX can shoot up to 5.6K 30FPS videoGoPro MAX It can shoot up to 5.6K 30FPS video

   Although MAX seems to be more powerful, it still has some limitations compared with regular GoPro, mainly because the shooting mode is much less. No 4K or 2.7K, and no real slow motion. You can only shoot 1080p or 1440p video at 60, 30, or 24 frames per second.

Hero mode still has some limitationsHERO mode still has some limitations

  GoPro MAX is compared to GoPro A big improvement of HERO8 is in the recording of sound quality. The GoPro MAX body has 6 directional microphones, while the HERO8 body has 3 built-in microphones.

6 microphones built in the body There are 6 microphones built in the body

   Officially, the quality of the 6 microphones of GoPro MAX is basically equal to that of HERO8 plus microphone kit.

GoPro released the GoPro HERO8 BLACK and GoPro MAX“HERO mode”, you can choose stereo, front, back and with lens for voice recording.

  GoPro MAX also has two modes for sound recording, one One is that stereo recording can be turned on/off in “360 degree” mode, and the other is that in “HERO mode”, you can choose stereo, front, back and four options for sound recording. This is still very practical when shooting Vlog.

  GoPro MAX is also equipped with the TimeWarp mobile terminal time-lapse video function that GoPro has had since HERO7. Like HERO8, the TimeWarp function of MAX supports one-key shifting. Now users do not need to select the speed. The camera automatically helps the user adjust the speed.  

   HERO in MAX In HERO mode, TimeWarp works the same as HERO 8. You can choose to increase the speed by 10 times or 5 times, or let the camera automatically adjust. However, the lens always focuses in one direction during recording. Adjusted to 360-degree mode, TimeWarp has greater flexibility, you can move the camera to focus it anywhere, so that TimeWarps has better dynamics and fun.

GoPro App mobile phone 360-degree video editing interfaceGoPro App mobile phone 360-degree video editing interface

   Although MAX can shoot clear and stable 360-degree panoramic video, panoramic video also has higher requirements for later editing. GoPro’s shooting App also has built-in video editing functions and supports reframe key frame production. The same goes for GoPro Player software on the computer side.

GoPro App mobile phone 360-degree PC video editing interfaceGoPro App mobile phone 360-degree PC video editing interface

   The experience of editing panoramic video in GoPro App is very smooth, with the inertial induction of the mobile phone, when moving the mobile phone screen, in the GoPro App The screen will also simulate changes in perspective.

  A simpler panoramic photo

   I believe everyone has tried to take a panoramic photo with a mobile phone, slowly moving the camera from one side to the other while keeping the center line stable, but there is no way Really stable, small jitter will make the final image blurry or the effect is not satisfactory.

panoramic photo shooting proofpanoramic photo Shooting proofs

   Now shooting with MAX, this has become a simple matter. With MAX, you only need to press a button, you can instantly get a 270-degree panoramic picture, instead of a few seconds of picture stitching.

One key to take panoramic photosOne Key to take a panoramic photopanoramic photo shooting proofpanoramic photo Shooting proofs

   What’s interesting is that GoPro MAX has a built-in horizon correction function this time. When we are creating or taking selfies, we don’t have to consider whether the camera is in a horizontal position.



   Today when Vlog is popular, the launch of GoPro MAX is actually very targeted. It not only has anti-shake performance similar to HERO8 BLACK, supports HyperSmooth, TimeWarp, but also supports digital zoom, 6 directional microphones that can be automatically adjusted according to the picture, and 270-degree panoramic photography. If the environment permits, it can also achieve 1080p resolution live broadcast.

   From the pricing point of view, the GoPro MAX of 3998 yuan is 1,000 yuan higher than the price of HERO8 BLACK 2998 yuan, but the overall performance is actually more worthwhile. After all, if you want to make a good Vlog for HERO8 BLACK, you must also match the media kit that will be released soon. Peppi’s words are basically equal to the price of a HERO8 BLACK.

   Of course, GoPro MAX also has some minor problems. For example, the two lenses are exposed outside, and the camera must be carefully protected when using it. This is a big burden for outdoor sports cameras.

   In short, if you are interested in sports cameras and want to try Vlog production, GoPro MAX should be a good choice for now.

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