I am back! Fuji X-E4 return to new product roadmap

   Fuji X-E3 was released in September 2017, and has not yet received its product update. Earlier, there were rumors that due to the sluggish sales, X-E3 will be the swan song of the X-E product line. Fuji will not launch new products of the X-E series. Recently, foreign media revealed that the Fuji X-E series micro-single was revived.

I am back! Fuji X-E4 return to new product roadmap

  The picture shows the cash Fuji X-E3

   In fact, the new X-E4 of the Fuji XE series has been completely cancelled within Fuji at the end of 2019 or early 2020, and the updated source indicates that Fuji will release the X-E4 in April. E4 put on the new product road map again. Obviously, this is good news for many X-E series micro-singles. However, this news has not yet been officially confirmed, and there is still the possibility of change.

  Editorial view

   In previous reports, many readers mentioned their love of XE series products, including the viewfinder method similar to rangefinder cameras, and no warships The top design, if the X-E4 is released as desired, it will obviously also have Fuji characteristic designs including X-TransCMOS. In short, let us look forward to the new X-E4 together.

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