I want to start by taking photos with my mobile phone

   Now basically everyone has a smart phone, and many mobile phones are getting more and more powerful in terms of camera performance, and more and more functions. Many people can even take pictures with a mobile phone when they travel. Taking pictures is therefore integrated into the lives of the general public. It is easy to take pictures, but not easy to take good pictures. Some people also want to learn photography seriously, but when they see a bunch of camera parameters, what exposure, various terms, they feel confused, but getting started with mobile phone photography is much easier. So how do you use your mobile phone to take good-looking photos?

I want to start by taking photos with my mobile phoneI want to start by taking photos with my mobile phone

  The background of the shooting screen should be clean

   Also need to have a good-looking background, if you really don’t know how to choose a background, then Shooting a clean background can retouch the picture to a large extent and highlight the subject you want.

  Avoid using digital zoom

   Many people often encounter this situation. Why are my photos so blurry after zooming in? Because the digital zoom of the mobile phone will reduce the image quality. Therefore, the best zoom tool is to find the best viewfinder position by walking to take a clear picture.

  Turn on the HDR function

   Now almost every smart phone has HDR function for taking pictures, but more users have not noticed it, or even know its use. When you shoot in an environment with strong outdoor light during the day, such as taking a landscape photo with sky, the photo is prone to overexposure. Turning on the HDR function can make the details of the dark parts clear while ensuring that the bright parts will not become pale due to overexposure.

I want to start by taking photos with my mobile phone

  Adjust the exposure addition and subtraction

   many people Taking pictures with a mobile phone, whether the picture is too dark or overexposed, Ta just presses the shutter. At this time, you can change the brightness and darkness of the picture by adjusting the plus or minus of the exposure value on the screen. Exposure value The role of exposure value is very simple, just to make the light darker in an over-bright environment, and to increase the brightness in a darker environment.

  Learn a simple composition method

  The mobile phone does not have many built-in composition, everyone should be good at using the simple composition guideline in the mobile phone, combined with the composition method, can highlight the subject in the photo The importance of improving the beauty of the picture.

  a, Tic-Tac-Toe composition

   Tic-Tac-Toe composition to bring up a box similar to Tic-Tac-Toe on the phone, and place the subject of the shot at any position of the four intersections of Tic-Tac-Toe , Will get unexpected beauty.

  b, centered composition

   centered composition is the most commonly used method. It is simple and rude. Generally, people or scenery are placed in the center of the composition to highlight people or scenery at a glance. Can see the subject. When using a centered composition, it is best to look for a concise background or a background that has a greater contrast with the subject to better highlight the subject.

   The above is just the most basic knowledge of mobile phone photography. If you want to take good-looking photos, you also need to observe the details of life, take more pictures and practice.

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