If you love her, send this love to her

   February 14th Valentine’s Day is coming soon. Unlike the Valentine’s Day in previous years, this year, affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, it is estimated that there will be no chance to go on vacation with couples or even go to the movies. However, there is still no shortage of romance and gifts. Today we recommend a few digital goodies suitable for giving to TA on Valentine’s Day. Hurry up and choose one for your TA.

  1MORE Fashion Douzhen Wireless Earphones

  1MORE Fashion Douzhen Wireless Earphones adopt a lightweight design and weigh only 6.2g on one side, which is comfortable and light to wear. The solution of Bluetooth 5.0 chip + LDS laser antenna brings a more stable connection. In addition, the headset supports aptX and AAC dual high-definition formats, which implement Bluetooth audio high-definition transmission for Android and iOS devices respectively. More importantly, the price of 499 yuan makes this headset a cost-effective choice for mass consumers.

If you love her, send this love to herIf you love her, send this love to her

  1MORE has been keeping up with fashion trends for the past two years. This Stylish and true wireless headset has invited the famous Chinese pop singer and songwriter Wu As a product spokesperson, Qingfeng’s reputation has soared. The fashionable and simple wear trend led by 1MORE has also been sought after by many young consumers.

  1MORE Stylish fashion true wireless earphone

  [Product price]499 yuan

  Huawei Mate 30 Pro

   As the latest flagship of the Huawei Mate series, Huawei Mate 30 Pro can be described as “a collection of thousands of favorites”, both in the body design and performance At the forefront of the industry, the newly upgraded 40-megapixel super-sensitive four-camera film has left a very deep impression on us.

If you love her, send this love to herIf you love her, send this love to her

   Huawei Mate30 Pro rear ultra-sensitive film four shots are composed of 40 million pixel movie camera + 40 million pixel super sensitive camera + 8 million pixel telephoto camera + 3D It is composed of a deep-sensing camera that supports dual OIS optical image stabilization, 256 times super slow motion, and super high-speed photography up to 7680 frames.

  Huawei Mate30 Pro dual 40 million film four shots, hyper-curved OLED ring screen

[Product price] 6899 yuan

  Fuji LiPlay one-time imaging camera

  Fuji’s one-time imaging camera has always been very marketable among young people, easy shooting, stylish and beautiful appearance and belt Playable physical photos are the core competitiveness of such products. This camera can not only bring you the instant photo experience, the screen viewfinder + multiple template filter editing ensures that every photo is beautiful.

If you love her, send this love to herIf you love her, send this love to her

   Fuji LiPlay one-time imaging camera

   In addition, connect this camera to the mobile phone via Bluetooth, You can also print out photos on your mobile phone and turn it into a pocket photo printer in minutes.

   Fuji Instax Mini LiPlay

  [Product price]1299RMB

  Cuckoo machine mini printer

    Cuckoo machine mini printer is only 79mm*79mm*40mm in size, about the same size as a compact powder box, can be easily put in a pocket, and the shape and color are very good Fresh, especially suitable for girls. This printer can print eight rolls of paper after charging for 2 hours. The high-precision print head allows for clearer photos, and you can also typeset graphics and text in the APP to print more interesting photos. The built-in Bluetooth function can be easily connected with mobile phones, computers and other products.

If you love her, send this love to herIf you love her, send this love to her

   This printer also has a lover communication function. After adding friends through the APP, you can exchange notes, send messages and print remotely anytime and anywhere. Function.

  [Product price] 179 yuan

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