Improve professional process Nikon launches D780 N-Log 3D LUT

   Earlier this year, Nikon launched the D780 SLR. This SLR is equipped with focal plane phase detection autofocus technology for the first time, which greatly improves the focus experience in live view and video recording. In addition, D780 also supports HLG video recording and provides 10-bit N-log output for professional post-production. Recently, Nikon officially launched 3DLUT with N-log for D780.

Improve professional process Nikon launches D780 N-Log 3D LUT

  Nikon D780

  LUT is the abbreviation of LookUpTable, which means “lookup table”, which corresponds to different colors. Open this LUT file, you will find a bunch of values ​​inside, which are a bunch of original RGB values, and the input values ​​of these RGB values ​​will be converted into new output values. 3DLUT can affect the hue, saturation, brightness, etc. in a full-dimensional color space control method.

  Nikon’s updated version of N-Log 3DLUT is 1.01. Now in addition to Z6 and Z7, it also adds support for D780. Nikon said it tested several software including Adobe PremiereProCC, FinalCutProX and DaVinciResolve16 Compatibility, and also compatible with other later software.

  Editor’s point of view

  3DLUT’s update can be said to have brought good news to many professionals. N-Log’s wide color depth range can be further utilized for 4:2:210 bit HDMI output. Record rich gradation information in highlights and shadows to achieve effective color transitions.

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