Is it necessary to buy a camera with anti-shake function

   At present, the anti-shake function of digital cameras is a popular selling point. It can reduce the blur of photos caused by hand shaking. The anti-shake function is divided into two types: optical anti-shake and electronic anti-shake.

Is it necessary to buy a camera with anti-shake function

  optical image stabilization

  optical image stabilization The principle is that the gyroscope in the lens detects the tiny movement at the moment the shutter is pressed, and then transmits the detected signal to the camera processor to calculate the amount of movement to be compensated, and then through the compensation lens group according to the lens shake direction and The distance is compensated. This reduces image blur caused by camera shake. The whole process should be completed in a short time.

  Electronic image stabilization

  Electronic image stabilization mainly refers to the use of forcibly increasing the CCD sensitivity parameters on the digital camera while speeding up the shutter and analyzing the image obtained on the CCD, and then using the edge image to perform Compensated anti-shake, electronic anti-shake is actually a technology that compensates for jitter by reducing image quality. This technology attempts to strike a balance between image quality and image jitter.

The difference between    electronic image stabilization and optical image stabilization

   optical image stabilization system achieves the function of reducing vibration and shaking by changing the position of the lens group or photosensitive chip, and its anti-shake effect It is more than electronic anti-shake, but the disadvantages are high cost, electricity consumption, and a certain amount of space. Therefore, it is generally used in large high-end cameras with strict requirements on lens multiples and high image quality. The electronic anti-shake system refers to the realization of the anti-shake function through the circuit pixels, which is adjusted by the built-in sensor. In short, the jitter of up, down, left, and right can be corrected by total pixels. Ordinary cameras are equipped with electronic anti-shake system.

Is it necessary to buy a camera with anti-shake function

  The role of anti-shake function

  防The effect of shaking is mainly due to the fact that there is less light entering the lens when using the telephoto end, so a longer exposure time can only be used, and even slight shaking of the hands at this time will cause the picture to be blurred. In this weak light environment, shooting sports scenes, shooting macro works, and using telephoto shooting, the anti-shake function is still useful. Below a certain shutter, it can solve the problem of hand-shake well.

   The anti-shake function is indeed very practical, but it is not omnipotent. The camera attachment with the anti-bucket function will reduce the sharpness of the image and consume a certain amount of power. So it depends on your daily needs for taking pictures. If it’s just a daily record and the budget is limited, a camera without anti-shake function is more affordable. In normal shooting, try to use a safe shutter or a faster shutter, practice hand stability more, use both hands to stabilize the camera or use a tripod, so that you can take clear pictures even under non-safe shutters.

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