It’s finally here, Nikon releases COOLPIX P950, a compact digital camera

   Nikon Corporation announced the launch of the COOLPIXP950, a lightweight digital camera with long zoom. It combines good optical performance with a variety of shooting functions, allowing users to appreciate a rich variety of imaging expressions. COOLPIXP950 covers the focal length equivalent to 24mm*1 wide-angle to 2000mm*1 telephoto. With a large telephoto coverage, it is a follow-up model of the widely acclaimed lightweight digital camera COOLPIXP900s. COOLPIXP950 is equipped with an improved video recording function and has more convenient handling.

It's finally here, Nikon releases COOLPIX P950, a compact digital camera

Equipped with approximately 16.05 million effective pixels*2 back-incident CMOS image sensor and EXPEED image processor, using an enhanced low-dispersion lens to achieve good image quality throughout the zoom range. In addition, the dual-detection optical VR function achieves a shake compensation effect equivalent to a shutter speed increase of approximately 5.5 stops*3, providing a stable image. Even at the telephoto zoom end, clear and sharp images can be obtained through handheld shooting. COOLPIXP950 supports 4K Ultra HD/30p format and manual mode to record video, allowing users to fine-tune exposure settings, and has the function of specifying the zoom speed when recording video.

  COOLPIXP950 is a high-performance portable digital camera that can create various types of photography from birds and wild animals to landscapes, airplanes and even celestial bodies.

  *The equivalent focal length in the format of 135mm[135].

  *2 May be reduced due to image processing.

  *3 Measured at about 350mm according to the standards of the International Camera and Imaging Equipment Industry Association of Japan.

   main features

  1) Adjust the zoom speed when recording video. When recording video using the side zoom control operation, you can adjust the The zoom speed is set to high-speed video zoom, medium-speed video zoom, or low-speed video zoom. Users can record more creative and artistic videos, such as choosing a lower zoom speed to achieve movie effects. The aperture change that occurs with zooming during video recording is also very smooth, allowing natural exposure transitions with less flicker.

  2) When taking pictures that support Nikon’s NRW file format, COOLPIXP950 can record the image data read from the image sensor as an NRW file*. Nikon’s RAW image processing software “Capture Artisan” or ViewNX-i can be used to edit and retouch these files to achieve the desired effect without degrading the image quality. *When shooting in creative mode, bird watching mode, moon mode or other scene modes, images cannot be recorded in NRW format. It is not possible to process or edit NRW images in the camera. After copying the NRW image to the computer, you can use ViewNX-i or Capture Maker software to process and edit.

  3) Provide convenient shooting operation

   COOLPIXP950 equipped with an eye sensor of approximately 2.359 million dots OLED electronic viewfinder , And a reversible display with a wide viewing angle of about 8.1cm. It is also equipped with a side dial, which can be used to perform user-specified functions in auto focus mode, or adjust focus in manual focus mode, without the need to take the line of sight from the viewfinder. Other controls built into COOLPIXP950 include: a focus mode selector that can instantly switch between AF and MF modes, which can respond more flexibly to shooting conditions, scenes, or subjects. Use the mode dial to quickly activate the bird watching mode and moon mode.

   expand the possibility of diversified imaging expression

   COOLPIXP950 is equipped with accessory hot shoes and accessory terminals that support a variety of accessories. Accessories include a point sight that helps to shoot small or distant objects such as birds and celestial bodies with telephoto, a flash for flexible control of lighting, and a microphone that can realistically record the calls of wild animals and concerts, enabling users You can enjoy a richer operating experience.

It's finally here, Nikon releases COOLPIX P950, a compact digital camerainstalled another The purchased DF-M1 point sight

  5) More functions, convenient for shooting and sharing

   Bulb and remote bulb exposure options can be used Long-exposure shooting

   SnapBridge supports remote control of the camera through a smart device*1, and automatic transmission of photos*2 to the smart device

  Creative mode to easily achieve unique imaging effects

   COOLPIX optimization calibration can easily achieve personalized imaging style

It's finally here, Nikon releases COOLPIX P950, a compact digital cameraIt's finally here, Nikon releases COOLPIX P950, a compact digital camera

  *1 The Nikon SnapBridge app can be downloaded for free from the Nikon website. For more information, see the Nikon website.

  *2 When using automatic transfer, the image size will be adjusted to approximately 2 million pixels. The transmission of original JPEG images and videos is not supported. The transfer of RAW images is not supported.

  ○Market reference price: COOLPIXP950: RMB5,980○Start sales date: February 2020

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