Lee Kang-hee, chairman of South Korea’s Samsung Group, passed away at 78 years old

  Original title: South Korea’s Samsung Group Chairman Lee Kin-hee passed away at the age of 78

   According to People’s Daily Overseas Network reports, Samsung’s chairman Lee Jian-hee passed away at the age of 78. According to reports, Li Jianxi was hospitalized due to a heart attack in 2014, then underwent stent placement surgery, and has been living in a dedicated area of ​​the hospital for treatment.

  Li Jianxi is the third son of Samsung founder Li Bingzhe. He has industry reviews. During his tenure, he transformed Samsung Electronics from a low-quality large-scale manufacturer to one of the most valuable technology companies in Asia.

   On July 9, Forbes released the 2020 South Korean Rich List, which showed that Samsung Chairman Lee Kin-hee had a fortune of $17.3 billion; his son, Samsung Vice President Lee Jae-yong, had a fortune of $6.7 billion , Ranked fourth.

   Li Jianxi’s life:

   was born on January 9, 1942.

   In 1965, graduated from Waseda University in Japan with a bachelor’s degree in economics.

   In 1966, he graduated with an MBA from George Washington University and entered the Toyo Broadcasting Corporation in the same year.

   In 1978, he served as the vice chairman of Samsung C&T Co., Ltd.

   In 1981, he served as the vice chairman of the Korea-Japan Economic Committee.

   In 1982, he served as a director of the Korea Youth League. In the same year, he served as president of the Korean Amateur Wrestling Association.

   In 1987, he served as the chairman of Samsung Group.

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