Let the shoes show your life

  Photography has come to the moment. In addition to art exhibitions, it has become a part of people’s enjoyment of life. We can see all kinds of peculiar photography works on many stock photos and photography websites. Today we will take photos of “shoes” and everyone Share some cases of using objects to reflect life attitudes, and hope that you can open up your ideas through this article to enrich our photography themes.

Let the shoes show your lifeImage from nordwood themes

  The collision between times and fashion

   It is necessary to give objects emotional and contemporary characteristics in the subject of still life photography such as shoes . We can make shoes more distinctive by incorporating the style of the times.

Let the shoes show your life

   picture from nathan walker

Let the shoes show your life

   picture from josh felise

   The comparison of these two works, we can see that shooting shoes is more than just To express the appearance of shoes, ligands must be added as an atmosphere to express the characteristics of the times, and the characteristics of this era need symbolic elements to set off.

   Anthropomorphic expression

   Anthropomorphic shooting methods can make photos more meaningful in items such as shoes, and at the same time It also makes the work more prominent. This requires the use of different characteristics of the shoes before shooting to reflect the face of the owner of the shoe. Seeing the shoe is like seeing the owner of the shoe.

Let the shoes show your life

   picture from valeriia miller

Let the shoes show your life

   picture from una kao

   This way is to use a pair of worn old shoes to reflect, through shoes The folds, the crooked and twisted form of the shoes, show the characteristics of personification.

  Ins style makes the picture perfect

  Ins style is sought after by many fashionable young people. And this kind of style seems to be diverse, but from the perspective of overall planning, there is a form that seems more suitable for beginners of photography. This is to enrich the ligands around the shoes, and through the unification of form and color, to make the whole picture have a more favorable visual impact.

Let the shoes show your life

  The picture is from hipster mum

   Everyone needs to pay attention here, ins style photos often use white or light backgrounds to set off the shoes and other items above. Such a picture will look neater and brighter. This is also a notable feature of this style.

  Through the above different demonstrations, you can see that a pair of shoes or an object can make us have a lot of associations, and these associations open up the curiosity of the audience, this is the success or failure of a work Plays a key role. If you also like this style and gameplay, take your Nikon camera and have a try!

Let the shoes show your life

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