Lightweight, dexterous and transformable JOBY entry-level mini tripod set trial

   Friends who are familiar with photographic equipment should not be unfamiliar with JOBY’s tripod. His GorillaPod series of deformable tripods are unique in shape and versatile. Their peculiar shape and strong deformability have earned it the nickname of Octopus. This time I reviewed the recently launched GorillaPod entry-level mini tripod kit, which comes with four different accessory heads, whether it is a mobile phone, a flash or a card machine, it can be perfectly matched.

JobyGorillaPod entry-level mini tripod setJobyGorillaPod entry-level mini tripod set

   The three legs of this tripod are each composed of seven flat elliptical spheres. The joints of the sphere can be twisted in various directions in a wide range to form a strange shape. Excellent damping also ensures the stability of the structure. It still maintains a certain load-bearing capacity under large circumstances.

bending effectbending effectspherical joint detailsspherical joint details

   The body weight of this tripod is only 85g, the official nominal weight The capacity has reached 0.325kg, and there is no problem with the use of card machines and mobile phones.

The effect of a mobile phone holderThe effect of a mobile phone holder

  The mobile phone clip that comes with the suit can firmly fix the mobile phone, and the unique shock-absorbing rope design can control the degree of tightness at will. It can be matched with mobile phones of large and small sizes. The connection is firm and the mobile phone has no risk of falling out. It can even be bent by the bracket Features: Fix the phone firmly on the branch!

The phone is firmly fixed to the branchThe phone is firmly fixed Fixing to the branches

   This function is the most prominent feature of the GorillaPod tripod. Below the branches is a fence, which is difficult to settle under normal circumstances. With the GorillaPod, you can simply fix the shooting equipment where you need it. This also applies to most ordinary tripods where there is nowhere to put them. Only a branch and a railing are needed to solve the problem.

   The upside-down test, which tests the firmness the most, is easily resolved by GorillaPod, which shows the strong fixing ability of the phone holder.

The phone is firmly fixed to the branchThe phone is firmly fixed Fixing to a tree branch

   Highly inclined roof is not a problem. The rubber at the bottom of the GorillaPod bracket has a strong anti-skid ability, and the use of bendability can further adjust the center of gravity to ensure structural stability.

Smooth roof is also no problemSmooth roof is also no problem No problem

   It seems that mobile phones are not a challenge to this tripod, so what about card machines? I used the Canon G7XMarkIII with a weight of 304g for the test, and the weight is very close to the standard load of 0.325kg. But my worries were soon dispelled, and the connection was very stable, whether it was to use the winding feature or directly use it as a selfie stick.

Use as a selfie stickUse as a selfie stickwith G7XMarkIII wound on the pillarwith G7XMarkIII wound on the pillar

   GoPro can also be passed through the suit The accessories are connected to the tripod. This saves the trouble of carrying special accessories when you go out. The connection strength is not much different from the original tripod. You can also shoot from more angles. You can even fix the GoPro on the sea. On the buoy, record the scene when you drive the motorboat.

GorillaPod tripod to GoProGorillaPod tripod to GoPro

  The two accessories below are the cold shoe and the flashlight clip. The cold shoe can be connected to LED lights and other accessories to fill in the light to achieve the best shooting effect; the flashlight clip can be connected to the flashlight at night to act as a temporary The light source can also help the photographer assist in focusing in low-light environments.

GorillaPod tripod connection cold bootGorillaPod tripod connection cold bootGorillaPod tripod connected to flashlight clipGorillaPod tripod connected to flashlight clipThe effect of connecting the fill lightThe effect of connecting the fill lightThe effect of connecting a flashlightThe effect of connecting a flashlight

   Evaluation summary:

   This tripod is really reserved for me I was deeply impressed. The cute toy shape makes it hard to believe how stable it is in the test. Although the small size limits the height of the shooting, it can also be fixed on the railing with the help of elastic joints. , There will be outstanding performance in some sub-situations. The most important thing is its compatibility. With the help of the accessories in the package, whether it is a mobile phone, led light, card reader or GoPro, it can be easily and firmly connected. Considering the price of the package less than 300, this will be a very Attractive product. It is suitable for users who mainly use light equipment. The lightweight and foldable feature means that you don’t need to prepare a separate camera bag for it. You only need to put it in your trouser pocket. Find a good location and fix the equipment on the railing through a GorillaPod tripod. Or on a tree branch, whether it’s long exposure or time-lapse photography, it can help you take pictures completely different from traditional tripods.

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