Make the circle of friends brighter eleven some suggestions for travel photography

  Good news! good news! The Moments Photography Contest is about to begin! During the 8-day holiday of Mid-Autumn Festival + National Day, not going out to play is really horrible. What if you don’t take photos of the beautiful scenery of the mountains and rivers? In order to make you stand out in the Moments of Friends Photography Contest during November, today we will talk to you about travel photography and give you some tips to help you better take travel commemorative photos.

   Suggestions on shooting equipment

   For most people, travel photography The main force is naturally the mobile phone. The shooting performance of mobile phones is already very high now, and there is no problem at all to satisfy general travel commemorative photos.

now Mobile phone is adequate for general travel shootingThe current mobile phone is fully adequate for general travel shooting

   But while using a mobile phone, I suggest that you Good to be able to configure some small accessories for your love machine. For example, selfie sticks and small tripods. The use of selfie sticks is not only for selfies, but also allows your phone to be closer to the subject, or it can be more convenient for low-angle and high-angle viewfinders. The composition is more comfortable.

Mobile The stabilizer is also a very easy-to-use shooting equipmentMobile phone stabilizer is also a very easy-to-use shooting equipment

  The small tripod is easy to carry and can bring more stable shooting to the phone. Many mobile phones now have a manual mode that can take long exposure photos. The night view of the city and the dazzling starry sky are all photos that make people shine. If you go to the beach, it is also necessary to prepare a mobile phone diving bag with good light transmission.

   mobile phone stabilizers like DJI OSMO Mobile are also very useful, and can provide you with a variety of shooting modes, which can help you easily make travel VLOG .

micro Single camera is light and portable and powerful enough Micro-single camera is light and portable and powerful enough

   The above is a suggestion for mobile phone photographers, and for camera users, I suggest everyone Pack as light as possible, after all, the point of travel is to relax. Lightweight mirrorless camera + large zoom ratio lens is the correct way to open travel equipment. Of course, if you want to do some simple creations, then a lightweight and portable carbon fiber tripod is also necessary.

Sports The camera is also a good choicesports camera is also a good choice

   sports camera has a wider field of view. With various accessories, it can free your hands. It is also a very good choice in travel photography. Good equipment selection, many videos and photos with first-person perspective can also give people an immersive feeling.

   Of course the author has written so much, you still have to choose according to your actual situation, in short, the most important thing is to use it smoothly.

   Suggestions on shooting time

   7-10 am, 15- pm 18 o’clock is a very ideal shooting time. During these periods, the light is soft and the sun has a better angle, which can better express the colors and scenery. And whether it is hazy morning mist or golden sunset, it will give the photos a unique color and charm. And if you can get up early, you can also get a better shooting angle before the tourist crowd arrives to avoid the crowd’s influence on your shooting.

   Although it is early autumn, the sun is still strong in the afternoon. Such light conditions are actually not suitable for taking pictures. The color of photos taken under strong light is dull and dull, and it is easy to cause overexposure. Backlight shooting is dead black, and the overhead light makes the faces of people strange.

evening It’s a good time to take picturesEvening is a good time to take pictures

   The bright night view and the high-angle bird’s-eye view are all wonderful photos, but this requires everyone to do something while traveling homework. For example, those places where the commanding heights of the city are allowed to go up for shooting, I suggest that you set aside some time, starting at 4 o’clock, you can shoot the scenery of the setting sun, and at 6-7 o’clock in the evening, you can shoot the night scene of the city, always pay attention to the changes in light. From sunset to the beginning of Hua Deng, the light and shadow change every moment.

   Suggestions on composition

   Good composition is the key to success, common Composition methods include Jiugongge composition, rule of thirds composition, visual extension line composition, photo frame composition, diagonal composition, etc. In fact, for photographers who use cameras, these composition methods are already well-known, so I don’t need to say anything. The author is more to remind friends who use mobile phones to shoot, don’t always use the center composition method. The center composition is suitable for shooting buildings with symmetrical structures, but the use of the center composition for other subjects is a bit dull.

jiugongge Composition Composition of Jiugongge Composition by Rule of Thirds Composition by Rule of ThirdsExtended line compositionExtended line compositionFramework compositionFramework compositionDiagonal compositionDiagonal composition

   Suggestions for group photos

   Traveling with relatives and friends, taking good group photos is also very important. The easiest way is to line up this photo in front of the scenic spot. Is there a better photo mode?

Use The fisheye lens can record everyone's group photos indoorsThe line-up group photos should pay attention to expression management, and the natural expression film is most effective.Using a fisheye lens can record everyone's group photo indoorsUsing a fisheye lens can record everyone’s group photo indoors

   When you go out and enjoy a meal, you can use the wide-angle mode of your mobile phone or the fisheye lens of your camera to record the beautiful moments when everyone celebrates together. The angle is slightly higher than your head.

Portrait Taking a group photoPortrait taking a group photo

   Traveling shooting is about casual, deliberate shooting is not necessarily good. When you are tired of playing and sitting on the side of the road to rest, you can ask everyone to take a portrait photo. The advantage of this kind of group photo is that it gives the picture a sense of depth, and there is no need to arrange the position, just pay attention to let everyone’s face be exposed, and the expression management is more natural than the group photo in a row.

  Recommendations on traveling

   Now let’s talk about shooting etiquette. When you go out to shoot, you must respect local customs and habits. You can’t ignore the privacy of others for the sake of shooting, let alone go against social morality in order to get good photos. Where there are signs prohibiting shooting, you need to comply with the regulations. In a place like a museum, you will benefit a lot from taking pictures and posting to Moments, watching exhibits carefully and introducing them in detail. Finally, I hope that you can have a good time and take pictures during the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival/National Day holiday.

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