Make the shooting process smoother Nikon’s own XQD high-speed memory card is on sale

   On March 12, Nikon’s official website released the XQD memory card model MC-XQ64G with high-speed read and write capabilities, with read/write speeds of up to 440MB/s and 400/MB/s and write large files generated by high-resolution cameras .

Make the shooting process smoother Nikon's own XQD high-speed memory card is on sale

The XQD memory card was released as early as 2012. At that time, the read speed was only about 125MB/s. It has a smaller size than CF and a more scientific design to make it difficult to damage. With the continuous increase of camera pixels, memory cards with high-speed reading and writing capabilities are becoming more and more important. The real-time playback of the camera is very influencing the experience. XQD’s high-speed reading and writing make the shooting creation process very smooth. Reduce the waiting time for memory card reading to improve shooting efficiency and allow photographers to focus more on shooting and capture every important moment.

  This Nikon MC-XQ64G has the following 3 technical features:

  1. It supports PCI Express2.0 and USB3.1 Gen 1.

   2.440MB/s and 400MB/s read speed, support high-speed continuous shooting and 4K video recording.

  3. The interface is designed to protect against scratches, dust and static electricity.

  This MC-XQ64G is suitable for Nikon’s D5, D6, D500, D850, Z7, Z6 and other digital cameras. At present, this memory card online platform is only available for sale at individual merchants. Friends who need to buy can also go to Nikon’s official website to find relevant physical stores to buy.

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