Mamiya6451000 is the perfect combination of quality and price for beginners

   Maybe film has faded out of the field of vision of many people, but it is still undeniable as an excellent creative tool. Compared with the common 135 frame, the 120 camera has a larger photosensitive area, which has a qualitative improvement in the texture and space of the image. A few months ago, when Jay Chou’s new song brought the Hasselblad 503 medium format camera into flames, a lot of people’s enthusiasm for medium format arose in their hearts. Of course, Hasselblad can indeed represent a classic of medium format, but the high price is prohibitive. And this time, I will recommend a few low-priced, but equally full of sentimental and fun medium format cameras.

  Before the formal introduction, I think I need to introduce the current cost of 120 film. Due to the year-by-year reduction in film output or even the suspension of production, its price has continued to rise. The current price of a single roll is about 40-60 yuan, and the price of processing and basic scanning is about 30-40 yuan. 6-7 yuan. If you shoot 2-3 rolls a day, the cost is imaginable. Of course, the low price of the body is also one of the current advantages of playing film, in addition to the priceless fun and feelings.


  Mamiya6451000 is the perfect combination of quality and price for beginners. It has a mechanical ancient feel and super sturdy workmanship. Usually matched with a Mamiya80mm2.8 standard lens. , The picture quality is first-rate.

Mamiya6451000 is the perfect combination of quality and price for beginners

  This camera is also very friendly in use, if you I have played with the 135 camera before, so the process of loading film, filming, etc. can be easily used. Because 120 and 135 films are different in structure, loading a roll on this camera will not become too complicated. Of course, this is a fully manual camera. You need to focus manually, adjust the aperture and shutter speed, and manually roll over, so if you are used to manual focus, this camera will not cause you too much trouble. In the end, we still have to return to the cost-effectiveness of this camera. The excellent cheap lens coupled with its durability makes it one of the best quality cameras in a lower price range.

  Technical details: manual focus, equipped with waist-level viewfinder or eye-level viewfinder, interchangeable lenses, no interchangeable back, maximum shutter speed of 1/1000 second, with double exposure function, 6X4.5 format, weighs about 1360g.

   Pentax Pentax645N

   If you want to experience something more modern, try Pentax645N. This is a favorite of wedding and portrait photographers, because Pentax has a great lens system and can also replace accessories such as focusing screens. With auto focus-this is the only auto focus camera among the recommended cameras this time, which also makes it the most expensive camera in this rank. This camera has fewer manual functions and a more modern appearance. It is very similar to the experience of a conventional 135 SLR camera. With its excellent image quality, it has become the preferred medium format camera of many photographers.

Mamiya6451000 is the perfect combination of quality and price for beginners

  Technical details: autofocus, eye-level viewfinder, interchangeable Lens, non-replaceable film back, maximum shutter speed of 1/1000 second, double exposure function, 6X4.5 format, weighs about 1200g.


  MinoltaAutocord is what we think is the best choice among double-reflex cameras. In the world of double-reverse, the two giants Rolleicord and Rolleiflex are everyone’s first choice. They are very beautiful cameras, but they also have an unbeautiful price. MinoltaAutocord also has excellent image quality, and the price is also very moderate.

Mamiya6451000 is the perfect combination of quality and price for beginners

   Double-reflex cameras usually do not have interchangeable lenses, so MinoltaAutocord Equipped with a 75mmf/3.5 lens with extremely high sharpness. Similarly, it has a simple structure and a sturdy appearance. It is lighter and smaller than several SLR cameras in this recommended list, so it is very portable.

  Technical details: manual focus, waist level viewfinder, fixed 75mmf/3.5 lens, non-replaceable film back, maximum shutter speed of 1/500 second, double exposure function, 6X6 format, weight Slightly more than 900g.


   I don’t like recommending a 67-frame camera to those who are new to medium format. The 67 camera is usually very large and heavy, and can only take 10 photos per roll. The image is not ideal for beginners. But if you are looking for a larger frame, then MamiyaRB67 is a good start. The appearance of this camera is similar to Mamiya6451000, but the volume is much larger, weighing more than 3000g, almost twice the weight of the 645.

Mamiya6451000 is the perfect combination of quality and price for beginners

  This creates a super durable camera “tank” , You don’t have to worry about it being too delicate. But because of this, its size makes it too restrictive for shooting out, and it has become a favorite for studio and landscape photography. The lens of the RB67 series is very sharp and has a bright viewfinder.

  Technical details: manual focus, waist-level or eye-level viewfinder, interchangeable lenses, interchangeable backs, maximum shutter speed of 1/500 second, dual exposure function, 6X7 format, weight approx. 3000g.


  Holga120N is a more fun-oriented camera. It is very easy to use and cheap. It is also the cheapest camera on this list. You can use it for less than RMB 400 Buy a brand new one at the price of This Holga camera is made entirely of plastic, so the image obtained will be blurry and soft, but this is exactly the fun of Holga-simple and lightweight. This camera has very few settings, is equipped with a fixed lens, 4 focal length options, and the standard shutter speed is 1/100s, so just pick up the camera and shoot.

Mamiya6451000 is the perfect combination of quality and price for beginners

   Holga’s images are usually full of light leakage and defocus. This makes it very suitable for experimental and creative shooting, but if you want to get a clear, sharp and controllable picture, this camera will not satisfy you.

  Technical details: Four fixed manual focus settings, eye-level viewfinder, with a fixed 60mmf/8 plastic lens, no interchangeable back, shutter speed fixed at 1/100 or B Door, can carry out two exposures, 6X6 format.

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