Mini G7X III? Canon G9X III is about to debut

   Canon PowerShotG9XMarkII was released in February 2017. It is a card camera equipped with a 20.1 million pixel one-inch sensor. It has been 3 years since its release, and it’s time for a new generation. Recently, foreign media reported that Canon is also about to launch its new generation product-PowerShotG9XMarkIII, and some parameters have been exposed.

Mini G7X III? Canon G9X III is about to debut

  The picture is cash Canon PowerShotG9XMarkII

  Some parameters of Canon PowerShotG9XMarkIII

  equipped with 20.1 million pixel 1 inch sensor

  equipped with DIGIC8 image processor

  4x optical zoom

   supports 4K/30P video and 1080P/120P video recording

  editing viewpoint

Does    feel familiar? In fact, this is basically similar to the Canon PowerShotG7XMarkIII that was launched later last year, but due to positioning problems, the G7XMarkIII may have a slower lens, but the body is smaller.

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