Must not miss bargain price SLR camera recommendation

  In the era when mirrorless cameras are rampant, there are still a large number of users who are obsessed with SLR cameras. These SLR camera supporters also need to update their equipment. Currently, there are only two major brands of mainstream SLR cameras, Canon and Nikon, which are divided into APS-C and full-frame according to the frame of the sensor. Today, we are here to recommend five SLR cameras that have reached the bottom price. This time you can buy them with confidence because there is no chance to lower the price.

There are still many favored SLR camerasThere are still many SLR cameras Favorers

Canon 3000D, entry-level model

   with 18-55mm lens kit Price: 2699 yuan

   Now that people buy cameras, there are still a large number of users who will consider getting started For high-level products, on the one hand, entry-level cameras are cheap, on the other hand, not everyone wants to be a professional photographer, as long as the camera can meet daily applications. In the category of entry-level cameras, the most affordable one is Canon EOS 3000D. Its kit price is only 2,699 yuan, even the same price as mid-range phones.

Canon EOS 3000D SLR cameraCanon EOS 3000D SLR cameraCanon EOS 3000D SLR cameraCanon EOS 3000D SLR camera

   Canon EOS 3000D SLR camera It adopts 18 million pixel APS-C frame sensor design, Digic 4+ processor design, full 9-point autofocus system, 3 frames per second continuous shooting speed, support for full HD format video recording, and WiFi function , After taking a photo, you can transfer the photo to your phone for sharing anytime, anywhere.

   For users, Canon EOS 3000D SLR camera is more suitable for home users, entry users and ordinary travel enthusiasts, because the 3000D body is small and lightweight, so it will not be a burden to carry it out. The mechanical sense of the SLR camera can meet the user’s need for camera control.

Canon 5Ds, 50.6 million pixels full frame

   body price: 9999 yuan

   This is the first civilian grade that exceeds 50 million pixels on the market SLR cameras, before the release of Sony A7RIV this month, Canon EOS 5Ds was still the holder of the highest pixel. Canon 5Ds was released in 2015. It is a full-frame sensor SLR camera, so it has excellent performance in terms of image quality, sharpness, color, etc.

Canon EOS 5Ds SLR cameraCanon EOS 5Ds SLR cameraCanon EOS 5Ds SLR camera Canon EOS 5Ds SLR camera

   Canon 5Ds SLR camera has Many selling points, such as dual DIGIC 6 image processor, 14bitRAW file, 61-point focusing system, 41-point cross focus, 5 frames per second continuous shooting speed, 1080/30p video recording capability, 100% field of view pentaprism, CF+SD With dual card slot design, this is actually a serious Canon 5D series full-frame SLR camera.

   For users, Canon 5Ds can meet the needs of landscape photography enthusiasts and portrait photography enthusiasts. Because of its very high pixels, it can bring exceptionally rich details. However, when using, high-resolution will bring some pressure on the memory card and hard disk backup, so you need to match better supporting equipment.

Nikon D5300, entry-level product

   with 18-55mm lens kit price: 3099 yuan

   Another manufacturer on the market that is still mainly engaged in SLR cameras is Nikon and Nikon also have many familiar models, one of which is the D5300 SLR camera for entry-level users. Nikon D5300 is a product launched in 2013, but the specifications have not yet outdated. So for many friends who want to buy SLR cameras at low prices, you can consider this product.

Nikon D5300 SLR cameraNikon D5300 SLR cameraNikon D5300 SLR cameraNikon D5300 SLR camera

   The Nikon D5300 SLR camera has 24.16 megapixels and uses APS- C-frame sensor design is the current mainstream entry-level camera. The product has a flip screen, which can help users better view and compose pictures. Support WIFI transmission, users can share photos more quickly. At the same time, the product supports 1080 60p video shooting, and there is no pressure for general home video recording.

   If you want to buy a SLR, and the budget happens to be around 3,000 yuan, then D5300 may be a good choice. It is undoubtedly a very powerful entry-level SLR camera. Its fast framing, focusing, continuous shooting capabilities and many features are competitive among products of the same level.

Nikon D610, full-frame entry point

   fuselage price: 6,299 yuan

   Nikon D610 is a SLR camera that also uses a full-frame sensor design. Nikon’s first entry-level full-frame SLR camera was the D600, which was later upgraded to the D610. Currently, this series has not been updated. The biggest advantage of the D610 SLR camera is that it can be directly connected to Nikon F-mount lenses. Almost no matter how abnormal the focal length, you can find it in F-mount lenses. And the optical quality of Nikon lenses is excellent.

Nikon D610 SLR cameraNikon D610 SLR cameraNikon D610 SLR cameraNikon D610 SLR camera

   Although Nikon D610 SLR camera has been introduced for many years, there are still many photography enthusiasts. is using. Nikon D610 is also designed with 24 million pixels and supports dual SD card slots. Its sensor is the same as D4 and D800, with high-speed processing performance. In terms of handling, because it is a SLR camera, there are no issues to worry about. The current price is definitely low enough, you have to hurry up if you want to start.

Canon 6D, full-frame entry level

   body price: 5398 yuan

  The camera I will introduce to you at the end is still an entry-level full-frame SLR camera , It is also Canon’s first entry-level full-frame model EOS 6D. This product and Nikon D610 are of the same era, and they are also in rivalry. The core advantage of Canon EOS 6D is that in addition to being a very lightweight full-frame SLR, it can also be directly connected to EF mount lenses, that is, Canon’s lens group can be directly connected and used, with a very wide range of options. Similarly, Canon’s lens optical quality is also very good.

Canon EOS 6D SLR cameraCanon EOS 6D SLR cameraCanon EOS 6D SLR Camera Canon EOS 6D SLR Camera

   Canon EOS 6D SLR Camera The full-frame sensor with approximately 20.2 million effective pixels can bring rich details and pure night shots. With wireless transmission function, you can transfer photos directly to your mobile phone to share, and you can send them directly to Moments on the go. 6D has an excellent price-performance ratio, which is a very suitable choice for consumers who have a small budget and want to buy full-scale products.

   Now due to the sharp decline in camera sales, the prices of many cameras, especially older models, have reached the bottom. So if you want to buy a super affordable SLR camera, you may wish to consider these models . Buying a camera at a bargain-hunting price is sure to make a profit.

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