Nikon full-frame mirrorless Z5 opens appointment: lightweight body + five-axis anti-shake

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   Nikon full-frame mirrorless digital camera Z 5 has opened an appointment on, priced at 9,800 yuan.

Nikon full-frame mirrorless Z5 opens appointment: lightweight body + five-axis anti-shake

   According to the official introduction, Z 5 is a full The format mirrorless digital camera inherits the rich expressiveness and reliability of Nikon Z 7 and Z 6. The camera can express a variety of scenes richly, its FX format sensor can provide good image quality and rendering effects in a dim environment, and supports NIKKOR Z mount lens, allowing users to obtain high-quality images.

  Z 5 has approximately 24.32 million effective pixels, is equipped with Nikon FX format CMOS sensor and EXPEED 6 image processor, covering a wide range of commonly used sensitivity ISO100-51200. Even when recording in a dim environment, textures and details can be rendered clearly while achieving low noise.

   uses a 5-axis VR vibration reduction unit to provide camera shake compensation, achieving an effect equivalent to an increase of the shutter speed by about 5 stops. The electronic VR vibration reduction function for video recording can be used in conjunction with the in-camera VR vibration reduction to provide stable and effective camera shake compensation when recording videos.

   is equipped with a composite autofocus system, and its 273 focus points can cover a wide area of ​​the screen, allowing easy focusing even when the subject is at the edge of the screen. The camera is also equipped with eye detection autofocus and animal detection autofocus functions, which can track the faces and eyes of moving people, dogs and cats with high precision. Let people easily take pictures of cute moments when people and pets get along.

   is equipped with a video recording function, supports the recording of high-quality 4K ultra-high-definition video, and can record time-lapse video at the same time during interval shooting. The electronic viewfinder with approximately 3.69 million pixels can accurately confirm the composition and details including the edges and corners of the screen. About 8cm can be folded TFT LCD touch screen, can realize the intuitive operation of auto focus, shutter release and setting adjustment.

  The front and top cover are made of lightweight and durable magnesium alloy, compatible with portable chargers, and their durability and battery life are improved. In terms of functions, silent shooting and focal length change shooting functions. Other highlights include the built-in dual UHS-II SD card slots, USB power supply and 470 battery life.

Nikon full-frame mirrorless Z5 opens appointment: lightweight body + five-axis anti-shake

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