Nikon is testing up to five new professional cameras

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   The reason for the different specifications of the Nikon Z8 and Z9 that have been rumored in the past few months is very simple. Nikon is testing multiple different prototypes and will release It was too early to determine a specific set of specifications over the previous year. Currently, NR believes that Nikon is testing five high-end Z cameras of different specifications, and NR is trying to combine all the rumored specifications into one camera, which is obviously wrong. Below are some details about the three prototypes being tested. All prototypes have a new professional body design:

Nikon is testing up to five new professional cameras

  第A test machine, 60 million pixels, 16bit A/D conversion, 5.76 million dot viewfinder, 120 Hz refresh rate.

   The second test machine has fewer pixels. It is designed for shooting sports. It has the same 5.76 million dot 120 Hz viewfinder, extremely high continuous shooting, and amazing AF tracking.

   The third test machine has a 46 million pixel sensor, 20 fps, the viewfinder also has 5.76 million dots and a 120 Hz refresh rate.

   Nikon seems to be aiming at high-pixel models and second sports machines. The biggest problem/bottleneck in NR’s understanding is the processor. The rumors of Nikon Z8/Z9 may be confused for a few more months, and then everything will make sense.

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