Nikon Z5 is likely to be cancelled Electronic viewfinder

   We have previously reported about Nikon Z5 and pointed out that Nikon Z5 is likely to be cancelled Electronic viewfinder. But according to the latest corrections made by foreign media, what the Nikon Z5 will not have is a shoulder screen, which looks similar to the previously released Z50. Of course, the electronic viewfinder has not been cancelled. Next, let’s take a look at the currently known information about Nikon’s upcoming mirrorless camera Z5.

   is equipped with the same electronic viewfinder and autofocus system as the Z6;

   does not have a shoulder screen;

   dual SD card slots and support UHS-II transmission protocol;

   24 million pixel full frame image Sensor;

   will be equipped with body anti-shake;

   uses aluminum-magnesium alloy body;


   is equipped with a 1-megapixel LCD screen;

   is equipped with a brand new battery: EN-EL15C;

   uses USB-C interface to provide charging and data transmission functions;

   1.7 times cropped 4K video recording ;

   6 frames per second continuous shooting… Of course, more news will need to wait for the official release to be announced.

Nikon Z5 is likely to be cancelled Electronic viewfinder

   It is reported that the Nikon Z5 will be officially released in late July and will begin shipping later this year. I wonder if this Nikon Z5 is what you want?

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