Nikon’s full-frame SLR camera D780 released, light and professional

   Nikon Corporation announced the launch of a Nikon FX format digital SLR camera Nikon D780, small size, big ideas, this is a high-performance digital SLR camera, inherited many convenient functions of Nikon professional models, including the viewfinder Use an improved 51-point autofocus system when shooting. In addition, the D780 is a digital SLR camera equipped with a composite autofocus system from Nikon, which has been used in the live view mode of Nikon Z-mount cameras.

Nikon's full-frame SLR camera D780 released, light and professionalNikon's full-frame SLR camera D780 released, light and professional

   main features

  1) 51-point autofocus system can accurately capture the target object

   through the use of EXPEED6 image processing The camera and about 180,000-pixel RGB sensor, improve the scene recognition system, can perform more detailed analysis of the scene and the subject, and enhance the tracking function of the movement through 3D tracking technology. Combined with the auto-area auto-focus algorithm optimized for the D780, it helps to improve the object detection performance in auto-area auto-focus mode, so that the target object can be captured more accurately.

Nikon's full-frame SLR camera D780 released, light and professional

  2) 273-point compound autofocus system uses focal plane phase detection autofocus and supports eye detection autofocus

  D780 is a Nikon adoption A digital SLR camera with focal plane phase detection autofocus. The compound autofocus system will automatically switch between focal plane phase detection autofocus and contrast detection autofocus according to the environment and conditions. The horizontal and vertical directions cover about 90% of the frame area and have 273 focus points*. Allows the camera to easily focus on the subject at the edge of the frame. D780 also supports eye detection autofocus, allowing photographers to focus more on composition.

  *When using the FX image area and single-point AF to record photos. Supports 231 focus points during video recording.

Nikon's full-frame SLR camera D780 released, light and professionalNikon's full-frame SLR camera D780 released, light and professional

  3) High-quality photos and videos can be taken

  D780 uses approximately 24.5 million effective pixels and a back-incident CMOS sensor. Combined with the EXPEED6 image processor, it can achieve good high sensitivity performance under common sensitivity settings up to ISO51200*, while maintaining a good balance between sharpness and sharpness, and effectively reducing noise even at high sensitivity. . The camera can not only record full-frame 4K UHD/30p video, but also full HD/120p video. In addition, the 10-bit HDMI output composite logarithmic gamma standard can be used to record high dynamic range video, resulting in exquisite video with rich tones and gradations, faithfully reproducing the details in high-contrast scenes, without color grading after recording.

  *ISO ​​sensitivity can be extended as low as ISO50 and as high as ISO204800.

   supports a variety of performance and functions of image expression

   In viewfinder shooting and live view shooting, D780 supports about 7 frames /Sec*1 high-speed continuous shooting. In addition, exposure can be performed within a wide range of shutter speeds. In addition to effectively capturing fast-moving subjects, the combination of a shutter speed of 1/8000s and the maximum aperture provided by a fast lens makes it possible to capture satisfactory portraits even under dazzling bright lighting conditions. The slowest shutter speed available is 900s, which is suitable for astrophotography and other long exposures. The D780 is also equipped with high-performance video recording functions, including the ability to automatically record slow-motion movies at 4 or 5 times the normal recording speed, and the Nikon N-Log*2 option for 10-bit HDMI output.

  *1 Use continuous servo autofocus, manual or shutter priority auto exposure, 1/250s or faster shutter speed, when other settings are default values.

  *2 The material is only recorded to an external recording device; it cannot be recorded to the memory card in the camera.

   good operability enables the camera to be applied to a wider range of shooting scenes

   The camera adopts an integrated structure, top and rear The cover is made of magnesium alloy, which makes the camera strong and durable, and light in weight. The well-designed button and controller positions help you hold it stably. The energy-saving design supports approximately 2,260* photos taken on a single charge. In addition, the LCD touch screen with a display screen of about 8cm and about 2.359 million dots can be folded for easy operation.

  *Measured based on the standards of the International Camera and Imaging Equipment Industry Association of Japan

  Other features

   Improve auto focus fine-tuning Function to improve the focus accuracy when using a zoom lens

  Electronic shutter supports silent shooting, no shutter sound or mechanical vibration

   When recording 4K ultra-high-definition video, you can use the dynamic D- Lighting, electronic VR vibration reduction and focus peak display

  The camera has a built-in automatic time-lapse video production function. Users can view the recorded short videos immediately after interval shooting.

  High-speed picture capture*1 Shooting about 2 million pixel images at a speed of about 120 frames per second, or about 8 million pixel images at a speed of about 30 frames per second, both when using auto focus and automatic exposure tracking

   compatible with dual SD Card slot, support to delete the original image and backup image at the same time

  Support Nixiang SnapBridge application, can transfer RAW images to smart devices*2, and remotely control the camera via Bluetooth connection

  Negative film digitizer can use ES-2 film digitizer adapter to easily convert color or black and white film into digital data.

  *1 When CH, CL, or QC release mode is enabled in the video live view. The recorded photo size and continuous shooting speed are the same as the specified video frame size/frame rate. When using 10-bit HDMI output, photos cannot be taken.

  *2 You can download the Nikon SnapBridge app for free from the Nikon website. For more information, see the Nikon website.

  ○Market reference price: D780 body: RMB14,800

  D780+AF-S NIKKOR 24-120mmf/4GEDVR kit: RMB18,300 ○Start sales date: 2020 January 16, 2016

  ○Starting experience date: From January 7, 2020, you can experience the D780 camera at Nikon Imaging World.

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